Jul 10, 2014

Chris Robinson Brotherhood

CRB Ravens Reels, Las Vegas, NV

07/10/14 CRB Ravens Reels, Las Vegas, NV


Set One

Bright Lights, Big City 378


  • $0.99
Tomorrow Blues 485


  • $0.99
Meanwhile In The Gods 733


Love's Made A Fool Of You 663


  • $0.99
100 Days Of Rain 506


  • $0.99
They Love Each Other 468


  • $0.99
Appaloosa 342


  • $0.99
Poor Elijah 884


Try Rock N Roll 293


  • $0.99
Beggar's Moon 499


  • $0.99
Clear Blue Skies & The Good Doctor 525


  • $0.99
Star Or Stone 652


  • $0.99
Someday Past The Sunset 436


  • $0.99
Vibration & Light Suite 898


I Ain't Hiding 552


  • $0.99
Sunday Sound 731



Girl I Love You 233


  • $0.99
Soul Deep 251


  • $0.99
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Ed Collom 1/22/2015 2:22:37 PM

"This was not just another Thursday night in Vegas. Here we have a special show. Thanks to this site and generous tapers, I have around 25 CRB shows on my hard drive and this is among my favorites. To my ears, the band’s improved since the Betty’s Blends releases. Many of the songs are now played at a slightly faster tempo and some of the jams have been stretched out. CR’s vocals also have more edge and bite now and Adam is more prominently featured in the mix. Incredible sets here, not only strong song selection, but the ordering and flow is great. Put on your headphones and time will wash away as you ride this one out for 2 hours and 39 minutes. While the crowd sounds a bit slim, it doesn’t seem to have affected the band’s performance. It all begins with a swingin’ Bright Lights and continues with an energetic Tomorrow Blues. Enjoy Neal’s tasty, smooth solos and Adam’s Rhodes and Moog work while Muddy thumps along. Next, George gets Meanwhile off to a jumpin’ start and the band rolls through it beautifully and then segues into the incredible 6+ minute jazzy jam they’ve added to this song recently. Next they go right into a solid take of Love’s Made a Fool of You. Then it’s time to slow it down a bit with a lovely 100 Days (“soon I’ll be outside your door…”), a groovy They Love Each Other, and a soulful offering of the ballad Appaloosa. Set 1 ends with a lively take of Poor Elijah/Tribute to Johnson featuring Neal’s raucous slide and Chris barking out the vocals. If you thought Set 1 was good, well hold on, Set 2 is a treasure from the beginning to the end of its 76 minutes. It starts with a solid Try Rock and Roll to set the pace after intermission. Next Adam initiates Beggar’s Moon with the sweet sounds of the Rhodes and George shuffles us through (“shine a light…”). Clear Blue Sky is our next treat: a real rollercoaster with the happy, jumpy start slipping into the slow, bluesy, transcendental second half. This is followed by the always-moving Star or Stone. Next is a very nice, hoppin’ version of Someday Past the Sunset, played at a great clip. Vibration & Light Suite follows. While this one’s familiar (their second most frequently played song), I love this night’s version as the improvisational jam is more focused and rockin’. Early on you’ve got Neal’s sweet, soaring solos (can’t you picture PDC’s wings cutting through the sky?) with CR’s rhythm picking. Later comes Muddy throwing down that nasty, wah-wah growling bass sound exchanging licks with Adam attacking those synths. At the end the bottom falls out and we anticipate Neal’s next notes. Sure enough, he hints at I Ain’t Hiding as Adam then taps it out on the Rhodes. George builds it up and then grooves out that disco feel (“Take it outside, do your shit in the car”). Sunday Sound is an excellent bookend to this set. Again, we’re treated to growling wah bass as the foundation for Adam’s big solo in the middle (“we will find our way”). The encore begins with Girl I Love You. It’s a fine song, but the weakest of the night I think. The show concludes with Soul Deep. CR’s encore choices are often slower, shorter cover songs. Nice send-offs, but just some icing on the cake. “Thanks for hangin’.” "