The Black Crowes

BC Roadshow

Denver, CO

Dec 13, 2008

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Pineapple Express 3/6/2009 7:06:16 PM

"UNBELIEVABLE....I'll never understand why people don't get it. Great time.....excellent set....even better people....for those of you I met down in front...cheers."

Lucas 2/18/2009 2:03:15 PM

"What a great show! Excellent set list all the way through. Adam and Luther played like they had been with the band for years. The two covers with Vetiver (You Ain't Going Nowhere - Bob Dylan & The Band, and Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) were excellent. The Grateful Dead cover for the encore was nice too. What a fantastic night, hope you were lucky enough to be there. Enjoy the download, I have many times!"

Konifer Kovel 2/13/2009 7:11:00 PM

"The sound was excellent!!! I have been waiting a long time to hear High Head Blues. Mule, Wiser, Josephine, So Blind!!! Excellent show and Gorman was standing next to me for the opener!!! Denver Loves the Crowes!!!"

Joe 1/14/2009 1:25:20 PM

"Awesome show, Could I have been so blind came out of the archive. New stuff was great as well, always good to hear the mule! Take off from the future was as tight I any I have heard to date. Good stuff."

T 1/7/2009 9:53:43 PM

"Loved the Crowes since my cassette of Shake, but this was my first show. They blew doors. Best live band I've seen in years and I've seen a lot. Solid Could I've Been So Blind into the tasty Allmanesque jams wedged in the Ballad/Wiser Time stretch. The punchy High Head w/build/jams through $->Take Off->Thorn (drop the drum solo) peaking Remedy and kind Wounded had me dazzled! I was screaming to spend a little MORE time on the Mountain by the end of the show!! I've been listening to nothing but BC's since this show and can't stand the wait until next tour!!! WOW!"


Setlist at BC Roadshow, Denver, CO on Dec 13, 2008

Set One

Movin' On Down The Line 540


  • $0.99
Gone 316


  • $0.99
Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution 312


  • $0.99
Could I've Been So Blind 331


  • $0.99
Ballad In Urgency 647


  • $0.99
Wiser Time 864


Whoa Mule 449


  • $0.99
You Ain't Going Nowhere 278


  • $0.99
Will The Circle Be Unbroken 438


  • $0.99
Oh Josephine 513


  • $0.99
High Head Blues 408


  • $0.99
Downtown Money Waster 798


Take Off From The Future 408


  • $0.99
Thorn In My Pride 1160


Remedy 348


  • $0.99
Wounded Bird 307


  • $0.99


New Speedway Boogie 524


  • $0.99

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