The Black Crowes

BC Roadshow

Jim Thorpe, PA

Sep 9, 2009

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About Formats

Intolerant to Intolerance 10/5/2009 11:30:45 AM

"I also love the covers that the Crowes choose to play. Oh, Sweet Nuthin' and You Can All Join In. Love Cosmic Friend and most of the other originals also. Very good show. Re: Review from "I Have Come From the Hurricane". I have been to shows where some idiot(s) try their damnedest to ruin everyone else's good time. It's usually some ignorant, intolerant hatemonger(s) that should not be at a Crowes show. The Crowes are about tolerance and peace. Everyone's welcome! But, when you use words like "fag", even when speaking about some idiot(s) who are scrappin' on the floor, this tends to lump you into the same group of ignorant, intolerant hatemongers. If you really want people to listen to your opinions and take you seriously, choose your words carefully. If you really do hate "fags", keep it to yourself. Don't spread the ignorance and hate. Peace and love to ALL!"

I Have Come From The Hurricane 10/3/2009 7:36:39 PM

"One of my favorite places to see the Crowes is beautiful Mauch Chunk, PA. Few people know that Mauch Chunk is Indian for "Cool Fucking Hills". Back the 50's some schmuck in local government with a hard-on for Jim Thorpe managed to persuade the local nimrods to change the rename the town... regardless of the fact the man had never been within 50 miles of the place while he walked the earth. The Black Crowes do not let mindless indiscretions prevent them from rocking the place ruthless each time they come around. This was a dynamite show! Stand-outs for me were the Cabin Fever material, which sound fantastic live, the beautiful Bring On Bring On, and the amazing cover of Oh! Sweet Nuthin. That song goes right on the top of the long list of obscure classic rock masterpieces in the bands repertoire. Now, many a novice has probably thought to themselves that Sweet Nuthin sounds much like Marshal Tuckers Can't You See. And who'se out there ripping off the Marshall Tucker Band? Alas, The Velvet Underground released Sweet Nuthin at least a full 2 years before Can't You See was released. Now who'se doing the ripping off? I enjoyed walking slowly out to the parking lot listening to the great citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania gently crooning "Oh! Sweet Nuthing... She Ain't Got Nuthin At All." That was nice. Lastly, lest you think your in for a treat with a 17 minute Wee Who See The Deep, a couple of fags got a squabble about 10 feet deep on Rich's side, and wasted 10 minutes of everyones time. When I looked over, there must of been 8 people laying on the ground. Hippies...old of the cloth. It looked ridiculous. I am glad those douch bags did not tussle over my way, I would have felt compelled to kick them square in the face. Everybody pissed away 10 minutes of there lives on account of those fags. PEACE ANYWAY!"


Setlist at BC Roadshow, Jim Thorpe, PA on Sep 9, 2009

Set One

Good Morning Captain 243


  • $0.99
Kept My Soul 332


  • $0.99
Movin' On Down The Line 516


  • $0.99
Bring On, Bring On 536


  • $0.99
Appaloosa 241


  • $0.99
Roll Old Jeremiah 555


  • $0.99
Garden Gate 289


  • $0.99
Wee Who See The Deep 1074


Cosmic Friend 417


  • $0.99
I Ain't Hiding 382


  • $0.99
You Can All Join In 235


  • $0.99
Houston Don't Dream About Me 329


  • $0.99
Shine Along 305


  • $0.99
Sting Me 302


  • $0.99
Remedy 368


  • $0.99
Been A Long Time 630


  • $0.99


She 385


  • $0.99
Oh Sweet Nuthin' 676


  • $0.99

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