The Black Crowes

BC Roadshow

Los Angeles, CA

Nov 28, 2009

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About Formats

OBwan 12/17/2010 1:41:38 AM

"I agree w/Leo's comments above on this show. Even my bud Scott, who attended that show, and many, many others, w/me, said the same thing when we were leaving this show. I've seen TBC 12+ times over the past 20yrs and they never put on a bad show in any I've been blessed to witness firsthand. This night's venue, Club Nokia, is a very cool and intimate venue for a show like the ones TBC brings on. They are all about the music and playing it for their fans and it's great how they've really streamlined their shows to do just that. But I do kinda miss some of the onstage banter a bit, like CR giving it to all the dufus' taking their pics n vids w/phones during She Talks To Angels the other night up in Santa Barbara, hahhahaa, you tell 'em Chris! Gonna miss them during this hiatus more than the last time they took a break. Last time was filled w/rumors n whatnot about whether they were even still together and when they were coming back however this time we know they'll be away, as TBC, the whole time and will be for a few yrs at least. When they came back from the last break I was glad the core was still around and complimented by the great contributions from the numerous others including Marc, one of the OGs from the ol' days, over the past 5 yrs. The Black Crowes still showed to all in attendance on this late November night in the city of lost angels that they can still rock and jam w/the best of them. I've seen the Allman Bros Band numerous times and it is nice to see the "jam band torch" shared w/and embraced by TBC. I hope they come back in a few yrs and reaffirm they can still jam like the best of them for us all. K, back to this show and a few of my faves they played that night. It was great to hear them open w/one of the new ones at the time, Good Morning Captain, I really dig that one. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye is another of my all time TBC faves n is ALWAYS a pleasure to hear live everytime I've seen them. Hearing Whoa Mule and Appaloosa from their latest at the time was very cool too! Then seeing them do I Ain't Hiding from the new one was pretty cool, I did not think they'd do that one live much, brings too many disco memories back to alot of peeps that I would've figured but they played it and it was great to hear live :-) My Morning Song is also an all time fave, in fact Southern Harmony And Musical Companion is my all time fave, must have on a desert island or kill me, album, hell to the yeah brothers n sisters! Seeing them do Greenhorn was awesome, that is one cool new at the time jam right there. Member, it's been just over a yr since this show, I'm just a lil schlomo in getting on here and spittin down a few comments from what I can recall this far past it. Been A Long Time is another great tune from their last effort and was great seeing them do live, man that one was really good from what I do recall. No Speak No Slave, need I say mo. Just read above where I tell you what my all time fave TBC album is :-) The encore was great, short but great, Decending is another fave of mine and was great to see live fo sho. Then to end it w/Traffic's Feelin' Alright was icing on the cake of Crowes! Great jam to close another great show out with uh huh! Sorry I didn't put down any more details, cuz it was just a flat out rock and roll show, no glitz n glamour, now frills and no shit being lit on fire but the good shit ;-) For me, it's about how the music makes me feel and how it compliments my day or night and this show was right on. Not as long a show as I've seen them do in the past but still great. They spoil us w/them 3+ hour sets they so kindly give to us, hahhaahha. I am gonna miss them and wish them all the best during their time off. I also want to thank them and God for letting me be able to see them twice last week, up in Santa Barbara and down in Hollyweird. Looking forward to seeing them again in a few years. Mellow down easy my brothers, enjoy what you have and your loved ones, keep making music and keep finding good artists/bands for us to listen to while you're away kickin' it. Thanks Crowes and bless you all! Happy Holidays everyone! Peace! OBwan in the 93021!"

Leo 12/12/2010 11:56:46 AM

"My first Black Crowes show. Really mellow and intimate yet alive and rocking. Felt like we were in their rehearsal space just hanging out with good friends."


Setlist at BC Roadshow, Los Angeles, CA on Nov 28, 2009

Set One

Good Morning Captain 280


  • $0.99
Stare It Cold 354


  • $0.99
Space Captain 307


  • $0.99
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye 442


  • $0.99
Make Glad 308


  • $0.99
Whoa Mule 420


  • $0.99
Appaloosa 249


  • $0.99
Ozone Mama 384


  • $0.99
I Ain't Hiding 391


  • $0.99
My Morning Song 984


Greenhorn 467


  • $0.99
Jealous Again 359


  • $0.99
Been A Long Time 535


  • $0.99
No Speak No Slave 362


  • $0.99


Descending 478


  • $0.99
Feelin' Alright 545


  • $0.99

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