The Black Crowes

BC Roadshow

Minneapolis, MN

Aug 30, 2008

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Steve 3/6/2009 3:57:14 PM

"Where is the 12/10/08 First Avenue show? It's one of the only (or, maybe the only?) fall tour show not available here?"

Bradley Fuller 9/21/2008 8:00:44 AM

"Another show of musical greatness.A beautiful night, a great crowd of listeners who soaked up every note with bountiful pleasure and now First Ave show added in December, wow! what great X-mas present.It will sadden me to know that it will all end come Dec 20,but my mind has been set to fly! and I'll always have these shows to bring back to a great summer of 2008. I will wait for another great album and tour and I hope Luther decides to stick around and keep filling our minds with his joyous slide and play,it really complemented the Crowes.Stay the course yall!!"

shari 9/12/2008 1:28:35 PM

"This show rocked hard, and the recording is excellent. Buy it! Here's my excessively long-winded breakdown. There’s no better place to see the Crowes than under the stars on a warm summer night. As a longtime and major fan with (only) 5 previous shows, I could hardly wait for the State Fair (which, despite the name of the show, takes place in St. Paul). Tonight’s atmosphere under a lovely and warm Minnesota sky provided the perfect setting for one last summer hurrah, and it was not lost on the band. Chris acknowledged the “beautiful evening” early on, and then added to it, sounding wiser and better than ever. This show is a testament (or testimonial) to good old fashioned rock n roll—and it should stop any remaining Crowes-questioners in their unbelieving tracks. First of all, The Black Keys opened the show (!), and they fully set the stage for the good groovin’ to come. “Ladies and Gentlemen, your friends, The Black Crowes…” 1-Movin’ on Down the Line--I knew from the moment I saw Chris’s bliss-(I was feeling a little bit o’that…)-and his first hippie-strains of “It’s alright sister, it’s alright brother,” that we were in for a wonderful little trip. I love the cool psychedel-icious organ/guitar stuff before it all kicks in. Everyone just sounds fantastic. My first Luther and Adam show! 2-Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution—This tune really shows off Luther’s slide, and he is a MONSTER. Like a good number of BC fans, I believe that no one can ever take the place of Marc Ford, but they sure do know how to pick ‘em. Of course Audley was huge as well. But I am a very happy fan with the addition of both Luther and Adam (with Great Peace and Love to Ed). They just rule over this tune. Amazing. 3-Black Moon Creeping—A few-minute groove kicks this off (fantastic) but before long, that old classic black moon riff comes in, and it is rockin’ good. These guys (and the voices-like-sugar babes) are really just tearing it up. Unbelievably good. 4-Wee Who See the Deep—You can hear someone talking at the beginning of this one (or the end of the last one) that may or not involve our god-like Sven (who sounds GREAT throughout the show), but once the music starts, it goes away. I LOVE this tune and was so glad to hear it live. I don’t exactly know when this song ends and Thorn comes in, but that ending/opening jam stuff is killer—and Chris is trading guitar licks with the other two—a beautiful sight and sound. A great version. 5-Thorn in My Pride (extended)—Well, what can one truly say? A staple. Dependable. Steve (who also attracts adjectives like those) gets to show off a bit--and he brings it. Then we get a little slide, a little harmonica, lots a groove. Really fantastic jam. My only disappointment in hearing this was knowing they would probably not do “My Morning Song,” and that hurt a little bit for me. But wow. Truly wonderful rendition. And keep playing that harp, baby. (Taking nothing away from the rest of the show [we haven’t even come to my personal highlight], I think the first five songs of this show must be among their finest. Truly magnificent!) 6-Whoa Mule—A nice version. And beautifully sustained notes at the end, especially from Luther. 7-Girl From the North Country—Hooray! I was thrilled to hear this cover! I was happy to be surrounded by people in the crowd who knew it was Dylan from the first few bars. Rich sings parts of it, and he sounds good—wizened, but stronger. We get a little harmony from the brothers, musically and other-wise, which is just lovely. I hope they keep this one in rotation. 8-The Mighty Quinn and 9-Poor Elijah—Unfortunately, I missed most of both of these tunes. From what I heard then and now, it’s too bad that I did. “Luther’s gonna play some guitar for y’all.” He is SERIOUS with that slide. 10-Welcome to the Good Times—Well, not the best I’ve heard this. They sound a little tired at this point in the show. But it might just be me: I am an Amorican and am longing for gone, high head, diamond, nonfiction, sunflower! But the best is yet to come. 11-Sister Luck—There might be a guitar whoops at the beginning of this one, but cool to hear something from album #1. Some pretty kick-ass guitar shit happening on this one. Nice fellas! 12-Wiser Time—THIS IS IT. I knew immediately from Adam’s ballsy southern Hammond stuff—and this dude’s been to church! And then such lovely versus, and voices around me singing to the chorus. Solos: Adam is amazing. He does some different stuff from Ed, but like Ed, music is clearly and simply INNATE (though that really does describe ALL of them,doesn’t it?). I love Steve’s fills near the end. Luther comes in next, and he doesn’t mess around. Incredible. But the next few minutes belong to Rich, and he absolutely BLEW MY MIND. He has a warm brassy tone and gorgeously builds to guitar-god-frenzy; utterly brilliant. And then Luther and the rest join in to rise to the payoff: “WELL, on a good day / I know it’s not every day…”-- Chris wailing, you know he means it all, and the rest jamming to its close. Undoubtedly the highlight for me. Amazing. 13-God’s Got It—“A Big Man with a Big Drum. He’s come a long way.” Steve emerges with an appropriately defaced bass drum….a snaggly-toothed, black-eyed Bush….and pounds away on its face for the next few minutes. Fantastic--and churchy. 14-Hard to Handle—At the show, I was so surprised to hear this (and happy for my friend who was screaming her guts out), that I really can’t remember much of it, except the audience going crazy. I knew they had done this on this tour, but for some reason, I didn’t expect another one from Money Maker. 15-Wounded Bird—I fully expected this one, and I knew it would be their final song before the encore. I’m glad they got in another one from the new album. Encore 16-Don’t Do It—I was praying for Salvation, but I truly love their version of this tune. I was a bit disappointed by only one song for the encore. I was sure they would do another. But God they must all be tired at this point in the tour. And they lay it all out on every song--and every show, it seems. The Black Crowes always take me to a very cool place, and tonight was no exception. It's a place where I envy my own surrender, and I surrender--with gratitude and complete trust--to this power this band puts out in the universe: The Power to Groove and Let Go. Thanks guys. Keep it rollin’. See you in Fargo! "

Skip Bruber 9/11/2008 8:09:50 PM

"This show was wicked! Some real surprises were thrown into the mix song wise. Enjoyed the whole thing. Highlights for me included the hypnautic five minute intro jam to "Black Moon Creeping" (and no, I did not even know what the deal was but it was so cool!) plus "Thorn In My Pride", "Whoa Mule", "Quinn The Eskimo" "Wiser Time", "Hard To Handle", "Wounded Bird" and "Don't Do It" as an encore. The band he knocked this one out of the park! The whole band was on fire but the interplay between Rich, Luther and Adam on some of the tracks floored me! Great show. Hope to see The Black Crowes play in the Twin Cities again sometime soon."

Dave Ahlstrom 9/9/2008 7:48:33 PM

"I must buy the recording of this show because I want to know for sure if it was as freakin' fine as it sounded and felt. Awesome show and a beautiful night to see my favorite band play outdoors. Plenty of new material including the cover songs which keeps the vibe fresh and exciting. Peace! "


Setlist at BC Roadshow, Minneapolis, MN on Aug 30, 2008

Set One

Movin' On Down The Line 499


  • $0.99
Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution 313


  • $0.99
Black Moon Creeping 604


  • $0.99
Wee Who See The Deep 542


  • $0.99
Thorn In My Pride 1322


Whoa Mule 383


  • $0.99
Girl From A Pawnshop 465


  • $0.99
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo) 241


  • $0.99
Poor Elijah 491


  • $0.99
Welcome to the Goodtimes 251


  • $0.99
Sister Luck 368


  • $0.99
Wiser Time 869


God's Got It 244


  • $0.99
Hard To Handle 217


  • $0.99
Wounded Bird 335


  • $0.99


Don't Do It 302


  • $0.99

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