The Black Crowes

BC Roadshow

Noblesville, IN

Jul 22, 1997

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  • This download includes 7/22/1997 Noblesville, IN and also 7/25/1997 Somerset, WI.

Vargus Stonerock 8/6/2013 4:28:49 AM

"I was fortunate enough to be at this show (Deer Creek, Noblesville, Indiana). I thought I remembered it being sort of a jam session at the end, and after hearing it again, that was confirmed. I wasn't sure if it was the mind alteration from various substances or not, but being able to listen to it again jogged the old memory a bit. (You know how it is, sometimes time passes differently at different times, in different states of mind.) At the time, I was a big fan of the most recent releases, Southern Harmony..., Amorica & Three Snakes... I had not seen them live before, and was not familiar with their live performances, only the studio albums had I heard. So I was very happy to hear them start with some songs from those albums (and also some songs that I have not heard too often on other bootlegs). then also pleasantly surprised to hear them just go off on some jamming versions of tunes (about half of the hour long set is just a couple of songs with jams in between). A great "Conspiracy" to start things off that goes into a nice groove about halfway through and comes out rockin'! Then we get "Gone", and a wonderfully evil "Evil Eye" (one of my favorites). Rich plays a cover of "Black Eyed Dog", and then, for the middle of the set, we go right into one of the most bluesy, soulful versions of "Feathers" that I have ever heard, with amazing guitar work from both Rich and Marc. ...and some more jamming, leading into a very extended "Thorn In My Pride", featuring some fantastic musicianship from the whole band, and a nice drum solo from Steve Gorman, and Chris on harmonica...and then the whole band comes in again, swinging!... then closing with a nice rendition of the 'Stones "Torn & Frayed". I was not familiar with this song at the time, but now, years later, it makes more sense. All in all, "A Fantastic Rockin' Show!""

jeff 8/20/2010 3:40:55 PM

"Crowes were truly at the peak of their powers, and at their darkest, during the summer of 1997, the band during this period was just too too hot apparently, such a shame that by the end of this summer tour the band pretty much blew up and fell apart. These shows, Noblesville (Deer Creek) and Sommerset Wisc were part of the Furthur festival where the Crowes played 1 hour sets right before Rat Dog. Was the last tour with the Marc Ford lineup (until the reunion in 2005-06) These recordings reflect the band at their agressive best. I personally believe the infighting within the band was pretty severe by this point, by the time they took the stage you can literally hear the tension, anger and competition especially the interplay between Marc and Rich. Marc absolutely whails on every track. Truly, every note of his was inspired. These showes are a great history lesson on the Crowes, some of the last couple shows with their greatest lineup 92-97. And the quality of these recordings, compliments of whomever must've been turning the knobs for the Furthur tour, are the best I've heard on liveblackcrowes. I was at both of these shows and thanks to for bringing it all back. Looking for the Alpine Valley show and Tinley Park."


Setlist at BC Roadshow, Noblesville, IN on Jul 22, 1997

Set One

A Conspiracy 367


  • $0.99
Gone 326


  • $0.99
Evil Eye 349


  • $0.99
Black Eyed Dog 161


  • $0.99
Feathers 640


  • $0.99
Jam 388


  • $0.99
Thorn In My Pride 860


Torn And Frayed 288


  • $0.99

Set Two

High Head Blues 501


  • $0.99
Paint An 8 198


  • $0.99
Dreams 1058


Thick 'n' Thin 184


  • $0.99
Black Moon Jam 494


  • $0.99
Black Moon Creeping 353


  • $0.99
Sister Luck 373


  • $0.99
Tied Up and Swallowed 565


  • $0.99

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