Nov 17, 2010

The Black Crowes

BC Roadshow, Norfolk, VA

11/17/10 BC Roadshow, Norfolk, VA


Set One

Soul Singing 298


  • $0.99
Cold Boy Smile 429


  • $0.99
Good Friday 375


  • $0.99
Sister Luck 420


  • $0.99
Welcome to the Goodtimes 267


  • $0.99
Appaloosa 229


  • $0.99
How Much For Your Wings 512


  • $0.99
Bring On, Bring On 437


  • $0.99
Thorn In My Pride 749


Polly 437


  • $0.99
Remedy 428


  • $0.99
Another Roadside Tragedy 997


Wiser Time 1119


Share The Ride 331


  • $0.99
Mellow Down Easy 301


  • $0.99
High Head Blues 405


  • $0.99
Nonfiction 657


  • $0.99
Hard To Handle 230


  • $0.99
She Talks To Angels 371


  • $0.99
Jealous Again 376


  • $0.99


Oh Sweet Nuthin' 618


  • $0.99
Don't Do It 408


  • $0.99
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Reviews for this item

Tripp L. 10/13/2014 3:42:13 PM

" This show is in my all-time top 3 - ever, any band! (The 'Stones occupy the top 2 spots) Best Crowes show I ever saw, period. The "Wiser Time" tore the roof off, and the "Oh Sweet Nuthin'/Don't Do It" encore burnt the place to the ground. I talked about this show for a solid week afterward, immediately bought it (along with the Richmond show I attended the night before), and it set a benchmark no band (except maybe the 'Stones in Philly last year) has come close to matching. Terrific performance; on fire, all night. This edition of the Crowes was absolutely stellar - and this show is proof, folks. Shame Luther left; they were onto something."

loftman 7/24/2012 6:14:28 PM

"i see that the only songs not available for mp3 are roadside & wiser. probably too long is reason but the real reason should be this was the finest 34 minutes in crowes history. i knew it when i stood there, i know it every time i listen to it. worth every penny they are asking believe me. dont even listen to the rest of it. they should of walked off the stage forever after that, cant get any higher. absolute masterpieces. "

ellisdee25 12/25/2010 2:12:02 PM

"Amen Mike...don't forget Jacksonville,FL! I can't wait for the 12-19 show to be AMAZING final show till who knows when..thanks for the great years so far & hurry back to the stage !"

mike traynor 12/14/2010 5:45:35 AM

"Please Please Please.. post some of the missing shows after 9/17/10 Raleigh..The waiting has been painful 9/18/10 Charlotte,NC and 9/19/10 Asheville, NC would be great..Thanks "

A. Walker 12/13/2010 6:35:05 AM

"I was at the show and the band delivered! It was a full 3 hours of tight playing! The acoustic numbers were clean, and it was great to see Chris and Rich interacting in a positive way. There is some great banter after Remedy ended the acoustic set when Chris hammered some clown with a iphone. The guy was snapping pictures in the middle of the song and Chris obviously lost his buzz. After he ranted about the no camera policy, Chris told us all that they loved us! Classic! This was one of the best live shows that I have ever seen and the NORVA venue is a great venue for these guys!"