The Black Crowes

BC Roadshow

Phoenix, AZ

Dec 10, 1996

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Sublime 'sleeper' show 12/14/2010 12:44:31 PM

"This, for a December show, has almost a summery open air feeling to it. The recording is a beautifully balanced soundboard and the playing, particularly between Marc and Rich is a total and complete delight.I bought the FLAC version of this after listening to the samples on here - I'm amazed that the only comments on this show are as irrelevant as can be. Let's get to the real deal... This is, on first glance, a relatively unexciting set-list, as there's no long high octane MMS, Black Moon workouts...don't worry for a moment because this is simply one of the most sublime offerings available on here and I'd urge everyone to get a copy and enjoy the Crowes at their sweetest, subtle best. The first three songs give an indication that this is something special - each has just those tasteful extra guitar touches, extended solos or endings which indicate that the two guitarists are completely locked into each other from the beginning and the results are pure six string honey to the ears. This features a wonderful Spider...Blues, the jams are superb and there's flourishes (Listen to the opening of Hotel Illness) that rarely got featured on stage. Listen to Ballad/Wiser Time and smile, it's restrained and magnificent. I really cannot recommend this recording highly enough - it's genuinely that good, laid back, dappled with brilliance and compellingly gorgeous. This is one of the best 'Good Time' Crowe recordings I've ever heard - buy with confidence and sink right on into it."

JP 5/28/2009 8:34:45 AM

"The artwork for the cd tray is still wrong. It's listed as 12/12 instead of 12/10. Now that the 12/12 show has been released, can we get this fixed?"

Tru 9/17/2008 2:09:24 AM

"the CD tray has the date wrong."


Setlist at BC Roadshow, Phoenix, AZ on Dec 10, 1996

Set One

Under a Mountain 360


  • $0.99
She Gave Good Sunflower 424


  • $0.99
Tied Up and Swallowed 407


  • $0.99
Torn And Frayed 302


  • $0.99
Descending 399


  • $0.99
Hotel Illness 266


  • $0.99
Spider In The Sugar Bowl Blues 276


  • $0.99
Hollow Day Jam 511


  • $0.99
Bring On, Bring On 319


  • $0.99
Mr. Spaceman 195


  • $0.99
Ballad In Urgency 474


  • $0.99
Wiser Time 482


  • $0.99
Somebody's On Your Case 223


  • $0.99
Nonfiction 571


  • $0.99
No Speak No Slave 541


  • $0.99


Good Friday 296


  • $0.99
Jealous Again 384


  • $0.99

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