The Black Crowes

BC Roadshow

Vienna, AUS

Aug 3, 2008

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GreatSouledSam 8/31/2009 6:01:18 AM

"No OFFENSE to A Stealth Production... The show's sound was fantastic even at the show for this night. As a musician myself I truly appreciate the calibre of sound that was present. It was just the right volume. I didn't leave with bleeding ears but with a steady thrum in my was a rush to finally see the Crowes perform having been a fan in my early twenties when SHMC was out.....The first album was cool but when SH came out I was blown away. Where were you ASP that you did not hear how great this show was? I was on the floor to the right of the stage and it was...without peer...the best sounding concert I have ever been to."

A Stealth Production 10/31/2008 5:43:51 AM

"No offence to the soundman at the show, but the sound of this recording is a MAJOR improvement over what I heard the night of the show. Being an "outdoor" show, I thought it would be an issue, but I guess the close micing did the trick. A great set. I just wish it had been longer. Hung Upside Down was the hi-lite for me. I don't think that many there that night (a younger crowd) knew this Buffalo Springfield song. LOVE these guys and I'm just about to turn 53. They push ALL the right buttons. "

Coolridge 8/18/2008 2:51:09 PM

"The recording quality is excellent. Living the show all over again is a great experience to have. These songs, including the Thorn in My Pride jam, and the long folksy song selection after it are amongst my favorite personal musical experiences. Enjoyed listening to this all over again. Thanks for the great store to do that in so easily. "

jb 8/8/2008 2:12:44 PM

"Oh to be home again! Thinking Rich would take over the mic to do Rockin' Chair as we entered Wolf Trap in Northern Virginia on a breezy Summer evening. The set list covered the Crowes entire career only omitting songs from "Amorica", "3 Snakes and one Charm", and "By Your Side." With such a vast catalog to choose from, the anticipation before each song was very exciting. Opening with 2 new songs from their latest lp, "Warpaint", "Wounded Bird" and "Evergreen" brought the crowd to life as if they had been playing these songs for years. "Seeing Things" gave the feeling that we were in for a real treat as the house lights shined down during the chorus. Chris's voice showed no signs of being road weary as they went into "Wee Who See The Deep." Picking up what appeared to be a (Gibson es-335?) electric guitar, he introduced the jam with the first guitar solo at the end of the song. Go Chris! "Thorn in My Pride" gave way to Steve Gorman's crowd pleasing drum solo and a triumphant finish to a great song. "Song of Love introduced a semi-acoustic run of the set followed by "Locust Street", "Rockin' Chair", "He Was a Friend of Mine", and Lay it All on Me". The addition of Luther on Mandolin added a nice flavor to the acoustic guitar work of Rich and Chris. Luther's leads and performance throughout the show would make one think he's been in the band for years. "Movin on Down the Line" was another highlight from the new album, reminding us all, "its all right sister, its all right brothers." The house lights hit us again during the chorus of Movin on Down the Line" as the rockin tune paved the way for a new Black Crowes anthem. Space Captain kept the theme going as we chorused "learn how to live together". Some of us participated in the clapping during the verses, however, I have yet to hear the crowd get the "wooo!" and "aaaaahs" on time. Almost got it Virginia. We didn't get it 2 years ago at the 9:30 club either guys, (sorry). The "grits and "gravy" tune "She Talks to Angels" opened up the door for the band's new single, "Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution", A straight up rock and roll song from the best rock and roll band in the world ended the show. Encores of "Hung Upside Down" and "Keep a Knockin" ended a great show on an upbeat note. Was no doubt this show would be on this site and available for all to enjoy. Being to over 30 shows since '94, this was one of the best. Thank you guys! "


Setlist at BC Roadshow, Vienna, AUS on Aug 3, 2008

Set One

Wounded Bird 314


  • $0.99
Evergreen 287


  • $0.99
Seeing Things 451


  • $0.99
Wee Who See The Deep 456


  • $0.99
Thorn In My Pride 1309


Never Ending Song of Love 220


  • $0.99
Locust Street 287


  • $0.99
Rockin' Chair 260


  • $0.99
He Was A Friend Of Mine 276


  • $0.99
Lay It All On Me 398


  • $0.99
Movin' On Down The Line 472


  • $0.99
Space Captain 291


  • $0.99
She Talks To Angels 360


  • $0.99
Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution 302


  • $0.99


Hung Upside Down 254


  • $0.99
Keep A Knockin' 303


  • $0.99

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