The Black Crowes

BC Roadshow

Vienna, VA

Aug 25, 2009

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About Formats

Triple Bee 10/14/2009 5:54:33 AM

"I was at this show, and it was really great. It also happens to be a great download if you're looking for one of the new concerts. If you're looking for single downloads, this is pretty much the best Good Morning Captain I've heard. It may not have the Larry Campbell banjo from the NY show, but it has way more punch and it's the least muddy."

esteef 9/20/2009 9:44:07 AM

"Hey goobers! The cover art says "Vienna, AUS"! That's some serious traveling to be able to play Hyannis the next night!!"

Bewildered 9/18/2009 11:17:19 AM

"Having never been to Wolftrap before I was pleasantly surprised at what a cool outdoor venue it is. Its a nice ampitheater in a national park. The show itself was amazing. The openers, Truth & Salvage are a fun little band. As for the Crowes, they just keep getting tighter it seems like this lineup has great chemistry. It was a little hard to gauge the new stuff in person as we were hearing it for the first time. But the live recording confirms some of things we thought at the time. In a lot of ways it seems like the band is more inclusive of everyone. Luther is very up front now, and is a guitar god. Adam and Sven also seem a lot more involved with Sven singing a fair amount of back up, especially on the new songs. Rich was great as always and Chris voice is in top form. The other thing is that the girls singing backup add so much to their sound. I always wonder why they don't have them sing on the albums. They add a lot of depth and soul. Good Morning Captain is just a great, fun song. Should be a staple for years. Make Glad is dance worthy funk Appaloosa is a good ballad that should improve with age They nailed Good Friday and Roadside Tragedy Ozone Mama is an awesome song and the jammed it out live -- one of my favorites I Aint hiding -- Seems to be a love it or hate it song, but personally I love it and they rocked it Roll Jeremiah morphs into a great Dead sounding jam Phenomenal Black Moon Jam and Black Man -- worth the price of admission Wiser Time - always great, like what Rich is doing with his solo and the interplay between Rich and Luther is outstanding H2H and Sting Me -- Gotta have some standard songs in there What is Home -- Rich has really improved his singing And They band Played On -- Grows on you Been a long time -- Dirty, filthy, nasty and may replace Morning Song as my favorite Crowes tune as far as extended rockers go Thick and Thin -- Great boogie rock to end the night. Highly recommend this download and hope the boys come back around in the winter/spring. They are unholy good. "


Setlist at BC Roadshow, Vienna, VA on Aug 25, 2009

Set One

Good Morning Captain 229


  • $0.99
Make Glad 267


  • $0.99
Soul Singing 266


  • $0.99
Another Roadside Tragedy 589


  • $0.99
Appaloosa 268


  • $0.99
Roll Old Jeremiah 548


  • $0.99
Good Friday 395


  • $0.99
Ozone Mama 349


  • $0.99
I Ain't Hiding 408


  • $0.99
What Is Home 316


  • $0.99
Wiser Time 741


And The Band Played On 248


  • $0.99
Hard To Handle 234


  • $0.99
Black Moon Creeping 575


  • $0.99
Sting Me 318


  • $0.99
Been A Long Time 502


  • $0.99


Thick 'n' Thin 231


  • $0.99

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