Aug 14, 2005

The Radiators

The Big Fu BBQ, Boulder, CO

08/14/05 The Big Fu BBQ, Boulder, CO


Set One

Kingsley Intro 56


  • $0.99
Put The FU On You 319


  • $0.99
Slippery When Wet 135


  • $0.99
Rollercoaster 311


  • $0.99
Breezin' 472


  • $0.99
UFOs Exactly 281


  • $0.99
Long Black Veil 373


  • $0.99
My Baby Got The Bad Kung Fu 320


  • $0.99
Haunted House 354


  • $0.99
SNAFU You 375


  • $0.99
I'm Your Captain 554


  • $0.99
New Speedway Boogie 370


  • $0.99
Fountains Of Neptune 426


  • $0.99

Set Two

Jacob And Ed Jam 281


  • $0.99
Jacob Intro 36


  • $0.99
The Hot Dog Song 385


  • $0.99
96 Tears 132


  • $0.99
Mama Tried 263


  • $0.99
Gummin Yo Nub 419


  • $0.99
Willie And The Hand Jive 161


  • $0.99
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 168


  • $0.99
Factory Girl 161


  • $0.99
The Cisco Kid 503


  • $0.99
Out in the Woods 272


  • $0.99
Big Boss Man 285


  • $0.99
Lodi 325


  • $0.99
You Can't Always Get What You Want 410


  • $0.99
Lost What They Had 332


  • $0.99
calling them back 38


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People In Your Neighborhood 30


  • $0.99
Louie Louie 180


  • $0.99
The Twist 162


  • $0.99
Knockin' On The Dragons Door 309


  • $0.99
outro 41


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Show Notes
  • Kingsley & Lisa Stoken's Backyard - Boulder, CO

  • Private Party ~ Krewe Of Snafu "The Big Fu BBQ"

  • Source: Soundboard / patchbay > XLR Canare cables w/Neutrik connectors >
    Tascam DA-P1 (44.1 kHz) / DAT master

  • Transfer: Tascam DA-P1 / DAT master > S/PDIF > M-Audio Audiophile 2496 >
    SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave Editor > FLAC Frontend > .flac

  • Recorded, transferred and tracked by Gerry Gladu, mastering by ericv

  • Photos by Michael Jurick
  • Reviews for this item

    Jurick 9/7/2005 10:10:06 AM

    "If you had one word to describe one of the best weekends that you can remember, what would it be? Magical, Epic, Incredible? Mine: Unbelievable. Because it was not to be believed. There wasn`t a single thing that Lisa and Kingsley didn`t forget when they set out to make their fantasy a reality. [imagine a cartoon drawing of a thought bubble of Lisa and Kingsley when the idea was first hatched a few months ago]: Hmmmmnn, let`s see, first let`s get the Radiators to come play your backyard on your porch, then make sure all your friends and their kids are there, then make sure you have 2 lifegards to watch the kids in the pool while the parents dance 3 feet from the band while they lay into Chainsaw. And oh yeah, let`s make sure there is plenty of killer bbq to eat and delicious cold drinks for everyone, plenty of fresh towels to dry off after swimming in the pool while watching Gummin` Yer Nub, Then make sure you`ve got an ice cream truck in your backyard for the kids, and throw in a popcorn machine on wheels for good [you won`t miss what you can`t] measure. Then dust off all your killer SNAFU posters from the past decade and spread them around your lawn for a virtual walk thru down memory lane. Dress up the stage with the original Mr. Mysterioso, "Cuphead" and then make sure you get those huge 7 foot sax-blowin` octopi (2 of `em) you last saw at Tipitina`s and place `em in your trees and next to the stage - just in case anyone brings their camera (he, he.) Make sure you have 3 video cameras rolling to capture it all and then kick-back with a icy cold margarita, fresh micro-brew or other drink your whim desires and watch as the band launches into "I`m a put the Fu on You" into "Slippery When It`s Wet" to kick off the party!!! Oh yeah, but right before that, you have to get onstage and introduce the band by announcing you`ve waited the better part of your life to say, "LIVE FROM MY BACK YARD IN BOULDER, COLORADA...THE RADIATORS!!!" Then dance the gorgeous Sunday afternoon away in complete and utter bliss with your best friends, family and kids at your side. Watch as your pride and joy tinkers on the keys with Zeke before the 2nd set opens, then invite your two sons at your side to introduce the band for the 2nd set when the band launches into "Hot Dog, You Got Me High as a Hog." Then all the kids get up on the steps next to the stage to dance during Chainsaw, then watch Kul sing "Out in the Woods" and "Big Boss Man" - right before Kingsley feels loose enough to take the stage and sing backup on Fuie Fuie. Right about now, your thinking to yourself, shiznit, this is unbelievable, but then "Dickie", the Firethrower appears at the pool to whip up the post show entertainment with his magical fireballs - entertaining kids of all ages. This could very well have been the BBQ party of all time. Just look at this setlist: I: Put The Fu On You > Slippery When Wet > Rollercoaster, Breezin` > UFOs Exactly > Long Black Veil, My Baby Got The Bad Kung Fu, Haunted House, Snafu You, I`m Your Captain, New Speedway Boogie*, Fountains Of Neptune II: Hot Dog > 96 Tears, Mama Tried, Gummin` Yo` Nub, Willie And The Hand Jive > Texas Chainsaw Massacre > Factory Girl > The Cisco Kid, Out In The Woods*, Big Boss Man*, Lodi, You Can`t Always Get What You Want, Lost What They Had E: Louie, Louie > Subterranean Homesick Blues [verse] > Louie, Louie, The Twist, Knockin` On The Dragon`s Door * w/Glenn "Kul" Sears on vocals For those who were not there, GET THIS SHOW. It sounds every bit as sick as it looks. And for those who wish they could have been there, we wish you could have been too, but here`s the next best thing. Check out the Big Fu BBQ Gallery, Yeah You Right! (thanks for the few additional crowd pix Mike Mink!) PS: When the gallery loads, press the F11 key on your keyboard to maximize the images to their largest size. Enjoy! There`s no thank you big enough for the heart, kindness and generosity of the Stoken family. Long live the Fu. And last but not definitely not least, THANK YOU TO THE RADIATORS for providing decades of delerium and happy times to share with all your friends. -Jurick "