The String Cheese Incident

Travelogue: Big Summer Classic 2005

Travelogue: Big Summer Classic 2005


Set One

Give Me The Love 474


  • $0.99
Yo Sé 502


  • $0.99
Jellyfish 660


  • $0.99
Left Ankle Jam 254


  • $0.99
Sweet Melinda 566


  • $0.99
MLT 683


  • $0.99
Eye Know Why 792


  • $1.29
Roundabout 550


  • $0.99
On The Road 278


  • $0.99
Sometimes A River 359


  • $0.99
Freeker By The Speaker 568


  • $0.99
Will It Go 'Round In Circles 301


  • $0.99
Born On The Wrong Planet 359


  • $0.99
Monkey Jam 122


  • $0.99
I Know You Rider 524


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Impressions 459


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Coal Train Jam 310


  • $0.99
Impressions 70


  • $0.99
Franklin's Tower 381


  • $0.99
Billie Jean 325


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Whiskey Before Breakfast 440


  • $0.99
Doin' My Time 338


  • $0.99
Lively Up Yourself 330


  • $0.99
Zombie Jamborie 421


  • $0.99
Ramblin' Man 436


  • $0.99
No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn 528


  • $0.99
San José 583


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The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo) 473


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Sand Dollar 564


  • $0.99
Texas 710


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What's Going On 723


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Show Notes
This special "BIG" 3-CD collection features the songs and performances that I felt were the highlights of the SCI sets from 2005 "Big Summer Classic" tour. These selections include SCI standards, as well as a number of "encore" collaborations with the members of Umphrey's McGee, New Monsoon, Yonder Mountain String Band, Spearhead, and of course, Keller Williams. It was impossible to include EVERYTHING, and many great collaborations had to be left out due to time constraints. I've done my best to capture a taste of what went down at the Big Summer Classic, and I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Larry Fox
SCI On The Road - August 2005

Anyway, here's the track listing...

Disc 1
Give Me The Love 7/15
Yo Se 7/15
Jellyfish 7/22 >
Sweet Melinda 7/22
MLT 7/12
Eye Know Why 7/23
Roundabout 7/23 >
On The Road 7/23

Disc 2
Sometimes A River 7/21
Freeker By The Speaker 7/2
Will It Go Round In Circles 7/2
Born On The Wrong Planet 7/3 >
Monkey Jam 7/3 >
I Know You Rider 7/3
Impressions 7/7
Franklin's Tower 7/8
Billie Jean 7/8
Whiskey Before Breakfast 7/10
Doin' My Time 7/10

Disc 3
Lively Up Yourself 7/15
Zombie Jamboree 7/16 (previously unreleased)
Ramblin Man 7/17
No Sleep Till Brooklyn 7/21
San Jose 7/22
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn, The Eskimo) 7/23
Sand Dollar > 7/24
Texas 7/24
What's Goin' On 7/12

  • 7/2 Freeker by the Speaker and Will It Go 'Round In Circles features Jake Cinninger (guitar), Joel Cummins (keyboards), and Kris Myers (percussion) from Umphrey's McGee

  • 7/3 BOTWP > I Know You Rider features Dave Johnston (banjo) and Jeff Austin(mandolin) from YMSB, Brian Carey (percussion) and Marty Ylitalo (percussion) from New Monsoon

  • 7/7 Impressions features Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger on guitar, Joel Cummins on keyboards, and Kris Myers on percussion (all from Umphrey's McGee), and Carl Young on saxophone (from Spearhead)

  • 7/8 Franklin's Tower features Keller Williams (guitar & lead vocals), Jeff Miller (guitar), and Phil Ferlino (keyboards) both from New Monsoon, and all of Michael Franti and Spearhead

  • 7/9 Billie Jean features all of Umphrey's McGee, with Billy, Kyle, Travis, Jason, and Mike from SCI

  • 7/10 Whiskey Before Breakfast & Doin' My Time features Adam Aijala (guitar) & Dave Johnston (banjo) from Yonder Mountain String Band

  • 7/12 MLT features Carl Young (from Spearhead) on Saxophone

  • 7/12 What's Goin' On features Michael Franti on vocals. (Edited due to time constraints)

  • 7/15 Lively Up Yourself features Keller Williams (guitar & vocals), and Umphrey's McGee

  • 7/16 Zombie Jamboree features Vince Herman (guitar & vocals) from Leftover Salmon (this song is from the 7/16 show which we were unable to release through LiveCheese due to technical issues)

  • 7/17 Ramblin' Man features SCI & New Monsoon & Michael Franti & Manny Alvarez

  • 7/21 No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn features Umphrey's McGee, Dave Shul (guitar) from Spearhead, Michael Franti (vocals) from Spearhead

  • 7/22 San Jose' features Jake Cinninger (guitar), and Kris Myers (percussion) from Umphrey's McGee, and Carl Young on saxophone

  • 7/23 The Mighty Quinn (Quinn, The Eskimo) features Jeff Austin (mandolin), Dave Johnston (banjo) from YMSB, Jeff Miller (guitar) and Marty Ylitalo (percussion) from New Monsoon, Keller Williams (guitar & vocals), Carl Young (saxophone, percussion) from Spearhead, Brendan Bayliss (guitar), Jake Cinninger (guitar) from Umphrey's McGee, and Martin Sexton (guitar, vocals).

  • Thanks to John Smrtic for the photo!
  • Reviews for this item

    Southern Cheese 11/2/2005 9:36:15 AM

    "I agree with that dude this show is WEAK compared to most shows i have seen or listened to they just dont seem tight like they did this past weekend in Atlanta. I was actually kinda pissed that i payed 10 bucks to download this show. I would avoid it if your a somewhat dedicated Cheese Fan. What the hell was the part in Ramblin man where Franti sang, that was awful, the crowd doesnt even get into it. I like Franti but he gets just too damn liberal sometimes. The posers will love this show. So pose away and ill see you in San Fran"

    Joyfulsound2001 10/23/2005 10:15:34 PM

    "Am I the only one who is willing to say that this band has been going downhill for years. Ive seen them almost 50 times and after a series of dissapointing shows. (with the best show Ive ever seen in the middle 7/5/02) I decided to stop. I "Went Big" at 7/8/05 almost 3 years later, and not impressed. The vibe was great and the other bands rocked but the cheese did not. They do have their moments, don`t get me wrong. They still shake my universe from time to time. Some of the songs on this compilation are painful at best and often I feel embaraced for them. Like a once brilliant author now unable to for a coherent sentance. Im not looking for perfection, but the lack of passion and energy at times is very dissapointing. The jams seem uninspired and very boring. The changes within the songs rarely hit the mark, and only leave me wanting more. Call me arrogant and ungrateful but this is how i feel about recent Cheese. My first show was 11/27/99. Now that was a show. Summer 2000 was great. Portland and San Fran NYE in 01 and 02 were incredible. The songs on this comp definitely lack alot of what i found appealing about this band."

    ch33se 9/27/2005 12:42:23 PM

    "good stuff man"

    Cheese for life 9/1/2005 9:35:14 PM

    "this was a great tour, i wish i could have been at every show. after reading some of the negative review, i have determined some people have some real issues, cheese `rocks the house` every time, and anyone who isn`t danceing from begining to end needs to get off thier asses and dance! thanks for the two great nights at red rocks and i look forward to danceing to the greatest shit i know next year!"

    matt wasel 8/29/2005 4:57:28 AM

    "what i love about the travelogues is they capture the feel of the tours they represent...the taste, the time of year, the times we are living in and what stage SCI is in...Cheese to me has evolved into the new doorway to the "IT" factor we all search for...i am never disappointed after an incident...this summer was a fun feel, just listen to `jelly fish` or `franklins` or `lively up` and you can feel the happy vibe...thanks Larry Fox for great selections! "