Umphrey's McGee

Aragon Ballroom

Chicago, IL

Dec 31, 2005

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
Set One: All In Time, Kabump > The Bottom Half, Got Your Milk (Right Here), Professor Wormbog, Turn In Difference^^^, Hurt Bird Bath

Set Two: Bridgeless^, Ocean Billy > Glory > Ocean Billy, 40's Theme, Anchor Drops, Last Man Swerving^ > medley^^, jam%, Just A Gigolo%%

Set Three: Nothing Too Fancy%%% > Auld Lang Syne%%%, Resolution$ > Miss Tinkle's Overture^ > Higgins^ > Miss Tinkle's Overture^, I Want A New Drug^$$, Memphis Underground#, Partyin' Peeps%%%

Encore: Breathe& > Breathe Reprise& > Great Gig In the Sky&&, Believe the Lie, Night Time is the Right Time##

^^^ first time played, Keller Williams; with Keller on guitar and vocals
^ with Michael Mavridoglou on trumpet, Chris Near on saxaphone, and Brent Sanders on trombone
^^ with Paris Delane on vocals along with the horn section; comprised of: P. Funk, One Nation Under a Groove, Kiss, Amazing Grace, I Need You Tonight, and Stairway to Heaven
% with Jake replacing Kris on drums
%% first time played, Brammer/Caesar/Casucci; with Kris on vocals and Jake on drums
%%% with Keller on guitar and the horn section
$ with Norwegian Wood tease; with the horn section
$$ first time played in full
# with Chris Near on flute
& first time played, Breathe was a "dub" version
&& first time played, with Michelle Hallman on vocals
## first time played, everyone on stage

Fred 3/5/2011 3:38:29 PM

"Great show..."

neosean99 11/13/2006 10:43:06 PM

"Ok read all the reviews below. Take in consideration that a butt ton of people were there (aragon .... sold OUT!) Look at the setlist. Download it ... and for people who werent there .... times the great experience you have while listening to it by 10. Then you will have an accurate scale of how great the show was in person and why everyone should go check them out this comming new years. Best experience ever!!! (possibly better than summer camp?????). Dunno thats a tough call! lol. Download for sure! If your a UM fan ... it is a must have! "

Pooty McBooty 7/25/2006 12:51:59 PM

"Great arrangement for the night! Brass for Bridgeless, Tinkle`s, Higgins and Partyin` Peeps really made the night that much more special....apart from the obvious fact that the Aragon Ballroom, itself, was a perfect ending to such an extensive, expanding, and exciting year for Umphrey`s. All in Time to start the first set, and HBB to end it?? Seemed like we were in for quite a night after our first taste of the classic monster-esque show that Umphrey`s puts on for the coming of the new year. Ocean Billy>Glory>Ocean Billy and the medley pulled every ounce of attention, if you hadn`t surrendered it already, towards the stage for the second set of the evening. And who could deny that Nothing Too Fancy w/long time friend Keller Williams leading up to the NYE countdown was going to be anything short of spectacular(and nearly completely exhausting!!). Hearing that authentic, ear-popping train horn was all too perfect for the final second of the year, leading into the ever-infamous Auld Lang Syne (w/Keller joining UM on stage). Of course, no better way to start off the New Year than to perform a searing version of Resolution (get it?). Then came, arguably, one of the very best Partyin` Peeps to date. Nothin more to be said. Voice completely lost by this point. Dub Breathe, Breathe Reprise and Great Gig in the Sky gave the audience their third wind, letting them stand back and completely soak in the flawlessness of umphrey`s playing skills and thoroughly appreciate their tribute to one of rocks all-time legendary bands, Pink Floyd. You could practically write a novel based on this night. That is....if you remembered it all.... I think it`s safe to say we have no idea how great this next NYE, or this band for that matter, will be. Hope you enjoyed the read. jajunkee"

fonzie 2/11/2006 10:56:56 AM

"The All In Time and Bridgeless(with horns) are perhaps the best versions of these songs that I have ever seen or heard. This new tune (got your milk) really gets the crowd going. It sounds awesome on this disc and I am sure it will be a staple in their arsenal for years to come. O and dont` forget the dub side of the moon it`s ill! How can you go wrong, it`s only 10 dollars!!!"

deezy 2/10/2006 8:42:50 PM

"What a night! What can I say, this is several hours of mind-blowing music. From the raging All In Time opener all the way through midnight until the Floyd encore, this is a must-download whether you attended or not. Great originals, great covers, great new tunes (especially got your milk and believe the lie). In summation, this was a kick ass new year`s in chicago!"


Setlist at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL on Dec 31, 2005

Set One

All In Time 882


  • $1.29
Kabump 825


  • $1.29
The Bottom Half 429


  • $0.99
Got Your Milk (Right Here) 221


  • $0.99
Professor Wormbog 397


  • $0.99
Turn In Difference 494


  • $0.99
Hurt Bird Bath 696


  • $0.99

Set Two

Bridgeless 749


  • $1.29
Ocean Billy 605


  • $0.99
Glory 266


  • $0.99
Ocean Billy 228


  • $0.99
40's Theme 554


  • $0.99
Anchor Drops 371


  • $0.99
Last Man Swerving 363


  • $0.99
medley 603


  • $0.99
Jam 413


  • $0.99
Just A Gigolo 317


  • $0.99

Set Three

Nothing Too Fancy 1136


  • $1.29
Auld Lang Syne 277


  • $0.99
Resolution 601


  • $0.99
Miss Tinkle's Overture 431


  • $0.99
Higgins 483


  • $0.99
Miss Tinkle's Overture 216


  • $0.99
I Want A New Drug 387


  • $0.99
Memphis Underground 300


  • $0.99
Partyin' Peeps 615


  • $0.99


Crowd 401


  • $0.99
Breathe 437


  • $0.99
Great Gig In The Sky 363


  • $0.99
Believe the Lie 592


  • $0.99
Night Time Is the Right TIme 331


  • $0.99

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