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  • recorded LIVE at Falstaff's, Saratoga Springs, NY, September 15, 2000
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    Steve Brickman 10/15/2004 8:49:46 AM

    "This was there first cd i have got. I have to say, once i put it in my car, i couldn`t take it out. IN fact, it`s still in my car today. Not just in my car. I don`t think i`ve ever taken it out of my cars cd player. thats how good it is. Songs that are the best on the cd in my opinion is gepetto which is really cool and but still.. which has this awsome dueling saxes that go into this cool line in Bb, A B C C B A, A B C C B A and repeated over and over by both of them with a cool articulation through the break which makes you cry and then they come out even stronger from the break into a little lick that goes back into the singing. I am going to be ordering the 2n`d wicked live which i hope is awsome. When i heard there was a second one, i was so happy so now i`ll have to get it and write a review for you guys. "


    Gepetto 281


    Shugy 419


    4 and 1 488


    Magically Delicious 307


    The Delivery 407


    But Still... 319


    Nuggetts the Shaker 385


    Amelia 384


    Bens Song 493


    Beat Me til Im Blue 255


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