Blues Traveler

Adidas Stage

Lollapalooza, IL

Aug 6, 2006

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Blues Traveler is one of the most pivotal groups in the jam band genre. Legions of fans have grooved to the band’s free-flowing sound, led by frontman John Popper’s stunning harmonica playing.

Blues Traveler 12/2/2006 8:47:02 AM

"I beg to differ about the marathon 3 hour shows. remember, they only had a 45 min. set to play. I saw them the night before at the House of Blues and they went on at 10pm and didn`t leave the stage until well after 1am, then an encore. I was lucky enough to have backstage aftershow passes and these guys were still rockin and rollin all night. i have a good feeling they`re still loving their music and have no plans to stop anytime soon."

BT15Years 11/2/2006 9:11:38 AM

"It`s been about six or seven years since I`ve seen Traveler. I think they`ve returned to the good fight with some strength and aggressive playing. Nice old school set list with Mountains and Brother John! I don`t think we`ll see the marathon 3 hour shows of yesteryear, but they nailed it here. "


Setlist at Adidas Stage, Lollapalooza, IL on Aug 6, 2006

Set One

Carolina Blues 353


But Anyway 364


Hook 254


Mountains Win Again 287


Crash Burn 218


Run Around 242


Brother John 503


Shout 119


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