Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

Denver, CO

Nov 24, 2007

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• This was the second set of the night, and features Bonerama:

Mark Mullins - Trombone/Vocals, Craig Klein - Trombone/Vocals, Greg Hicks - Trombone, Rick Trolsen- Trombone, Bert Cotton - Guitar, Eric Bolivar - Drums, Matt Perrine - Sousaphone

• This is the third release (PG903) from :  Where Every Tuesday Is Fat Tuesday!™

War Pigs features Brian Stoltz and Russell Batiste on guitar and drums, respectively.

Photo by Erin Good.

Notes from the archivist:  Bonerama hit the ground running with Peaches en Regalia.  So fast, in fact, that you can hear sound caresser Danny Bourgeois scrambling to catch up at the start of the song.  True to his form, Danny has things sounding great right away, just in time for Bert Cotton's channeling of Frank Zappa during the guitar solo.  Mr. Craig Klein told us that Mr. Go's gotta go.  Yer Blues, The Mouse, and Manic Depression are solid examples of how quickly Bonerama can pick up momentum in the middle of the set.  Hang Up The Phone And Drive gets a warm reception everywhere the Bones play it.  The show-stopper of the night, though, was War Pigs.  Brian Stoltz joined Bert Cotton on guitar and Russell Batiste joined Eric Bolivar on a second drum kit for a fiery take on the Black Sabbath classic.  - fB




Setlist at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver, CO on Nov 24, 2007

Set One

Peaches En Regalia 496


Mr. Go 458


Yer Blues 302


The Mouse 378


Manic Depression 385


Hang Up The Phone And Drive 277


War Pigs 627


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