Crowded House

The Tabernacle

Atlanta, GA

Sep 12, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats

Tom Skierka 11/26/2007 10:42:25 AM

"I am one of the largest fans of Finn and Crowded House and am in the process of probably buying all of these I am kind of sad that twice now I have purchased shows because I have seen one or two songs that I have not heard live and was foaming at the mouth to get and only to find it has been either misidentified, or a real condenced version of it. Every show is amazing...I just hope that this situation is fixed so I truly know what I am getting. I would hate to purchase a show after seeing something like Can't Carry On or Any One Can Tell...or I Am Love...and discovering it was just a teaser or mislabled. However...beside that...every show is amazing and if you haven't had a chance to watch their show on MSN do it...and I hope we get a shot at the Live Earth download as well. It's good to see them back and here's hoping for another round for 2008."

David 9/27/2007 10:25:44 AM

"This was an excellent show, full of great new songs, some of the hits, and a few really nice surprises (like Whispers and Moans, and There Goes God, which actually opened the show, not Recurring Dream like the track listing). Neil forgot the words in Fall At Your Feet, but the band played along, all had a nice laugh, and the crowd sang the song for nearly 3 min at the end. Pete Yorn's band sang on Better Be Home Soon, and the in-between-song banter was lively and upbeat. I was more than impressed."

bill vick 9/25/2007 6:16:00 PM

"what a great concert.loved it from start to finish. surprised to hear " never be the same " .really love the new songs too !"


Setlist at The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA on Sep 12, 2007

Set One

Recurring Dream 249


In My Command 283


She Called Up 286


Nobody Wants To 336


Don't Stop Now 238


Fall At Your Feet 376


Whispers and Moans 325


Pour Le Monde 289


Never Be The Same 111


Hole In The River 523


Better Be Home Soon 263


Italian Plastic 244


Silent House 512


Walked Her Way Down 260


Wild World 154


Distant Sun 259


Mean To Me 337


Locked Out 200


Private Universe 438


Something So Strong 364


When You Come 512


Fire In Your Belly 54


Don't Dream It's Over 393


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