Howlin' Wolf

New Orleans, LA

Apr 25, 2009

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Show Notes
  • Album artwork courtesy of April Naslund of Phoenix, AZ. Thank you for sending in your show photos to eotomusic@gmail.com!
  • Fleer - Leem feature Michael Kang and Steve Molitz.
  • Deitch features Adam Deitch.

Dave 8/17/2011 12:46:03 AM

"I have a lot of eoto albums/shows and was skimming through this time frame because they had really good downtempo tracks then, but came across this show with the line-up and ended up buying it. So glad I did, such a great set. If anyone knows of a show that is similar to this one, post it up, let me know please! Overall it's going to be repeating in the player. definetly worth downloading."

Mark Clark 5/21/2009 12:52:48 PM

"Great Time is all I gotta say!! Pretty Late, getting on around 3:00 a.m since Lotus, Pnuma Trio etc... Played before them soo It was a pretty crunk party in there!! Michael Kang '' I want to Party with you lol'' You KNow what I'm talking about lol!! Steve Molitz and Michael Kang jammed along side Michael and Jason soo It was freaking awsome to see them soar thru the night jamming Great!! Good Times"


Setlist at Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, LA on Apr 25, 2009

Set One

Orlyn Dub 603


Fleer 556


Deitch 823


Wabatch 473


Fwi Ture 491


Twiss 936


Stiggit 675


Kazim 807


Heet 389


Travis 180


Leem 770


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