Everyone Orchestra

Buffalo Ironworks

Buffalo, NY

Feb 27, 2020

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Craig Broadhead - Guitar, Vocals

Matt Butler - Conductor

Danny Louis - Keyboards, Vocals

Ryan Montbleau - Guitar, Vocals

Steve Kimock - Guitar

Dylan Skursky - Bass

Michael Travis - Drums

Robbie Wulfsohn - Vocals

Josh Shpak - Trumpet

Todd Kushnir - Live Sound, Live Recording and Mixing, 

Concert Photography, Album Art


Setlist at Buffalo Ironworks, Buffalo, NY on Feb 27, 2020

Set One

Introduction 50


  • $0.99
We All Made It 763


Aliens Among Us 1030


Watch Your Garden Grow 2496


Six Dollars 1338


Don't Know When But I Will 758


Banter 166


  • $0.99
Sets My Soul On Fire 508


  • $0.99

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