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The Golden Road (1965-1973)

The Golden Road (1965-1973)
  • The Golden Road (1965-1973): The Complete Warner Brothers Recordings - Grateful Dead (Rhino/Warner Bros. Rhino R2 74401 / Grateful Dead GDCD 4240)

  • A 12 CD boxed set, list priced at 150 dollars. It consists of ten CDs-worth of remastered albums - the Grateful Dead's releases on the Warner Brotherslabel - plus two CDs of "Roots Of The Dead" with pre-Warner Brothers GratefulDead and live Grateful Dead from that era. Released on October 16, 2001.
  • Disc 1 ("Birth Of The Dead") contains material by TheEmergency Crew Demo plus Scorpio sessions: "Early Morning Rain", "I Know YouRider", "Mindbender (Confusion's Prince)", "The Only Time Is Now", "Caution(Do Not Stop On Tracks)", "Can't Come Down", "You Don't Have to Ask", "I KnowYou Rider", instrumental and vocal takes of "Stealin'", "Don't Ease Me In","Tastebud", "Cardboard Cowboy (No Left Turn Unstoned)", and "Cold Rain AndSnow". Also included is "Fire In The City" with Jon Hendricks.
  • Disc 2 ("Birth Of The Dead") includes 15 live tracks from July, 1966: "Viola Lee Blues", "Don't Ease Me In", "Pain In My Heart", "Sitting On Top Of The World","It's All Over Now, Baby Blue", "I'm A King Bee", "Big Boss Man", "Standing OnThe Corner", "In The Pines", "Cardboard Cowboy", "Nobody's Fault But Mine","Next Time You See Me", "One Kind Favor", "He Was A Friend Of Mine", and "KeepRolling By".
  • The RIAA certified the box set as "Gold" on November 14, 2001.



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