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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • A collection of Tim Bluhm covers featuring Jackie Greene, Reed Mathis, Jason Crosby, Larry and Jenny Keel with 100% of the net proceeds benefitting the Tim Bluhm Medical Fund.
  • Smoke (Jackie Greene, banjitar & vocals / Reed Mathis bass / Keller Williams, guitar & vocals)
  • Spotless As You (Reed Mathis, bass / Keller Williams, guitar & vocals) 
  • Esmerelda (Jackie Greene, dobro & vocals / Reed Mathis, bass / Keller Williams, guitar & vocals)          
  • Gold Plated (Reed Mathis, bass / Keller Williams, guitar & vocals)
  • Do it on the Strings (Larry Keel, guitar & vocals / Jenny Keel, bass & vocals / Jason Crosby, fiddle /  Keller Williams, mandola & vocals) 
  • Mixed, mastered and recorded (Keller’s tracks) by Jeff Covert at Wally Cleavers recording studio in Fredericksburg, VA.
  • Reed Mathis' tracks were recorded at Coyote Hearing, Oakland CA engineered by Cochrane McMillan
  • Jason Crosby's track was engineered by Tim Bluhm at Stanley Overdubs in San Anselmo CA
  • Artwork by Mark Berger at Madison House Design
  • Photo credit: Louis Gosain


Smoke 184


Spotless As You 199


Esmeralda 151


Gold Plated 203


Do It On the Strings 168


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