Rush Limbaugh 542
Rush Limbaugh


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Rush Limbaugh 542

Show Notes

Feel FREE to check out my song about FREE speech called "Rush Limbaugh".

You know all speech is not free. For example, if you made a threat against the President, you could be put in jail. Or if you said something mean about someone that isn't true, you could be sued for slander.  Both situations involve speech that is definitely not free.  They both come with some kind of charge.


The Webster’s Elementary Dictionary defines free as “having liberty, not being a slave, not controlled by others and of course without charge.”  That being said,  listen to the song any time you like for FREE (meaning with no charge on the myspace stream). If you want to own it, and not just listen to it on myspace, well, that will cost you 99 cents.  If for some reason you are a cheap bastard and you see the need to steal this song, you will choke to death on sewage. To avoid this, please send 1 US dollar (cash only, one cent change not provided) to Keller Williams, PO Box 1777, Fredericksburg, VA 22402.


Either way, thanks for listening, Keller



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