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The Lost Tapes - The Collection (Vol. 1-5)

The Lost Tapes - The Collection (Vol. 1-5)

Motörhead - The Löst Tapes - The Collection (Vol. 1-5) - Now collating all five volumes in the series, you can relive Motörhead live and loud from the UK and Europe with rare, riotous sets and 97 tracks spanning the decades from:

The Löst Tapes Vol 1: Live at Sala Aqualung, Madrid 1st June 1995 (2CD) / The Löst Tapes Vol 2: Live at University of East Anglia Norwich, 18th October 1998 (2CD) / The Löst Tapes Vol 3: Live at KB Hallen, Malmö 17th November 2000 (2CD) / The Löst Tapes Vol 4: Live at Sporthalle, Heilbronn, 29th December 1984 (1CD) / The Löst Tapes Vol 5: Live at Donington, Download Festival 13th June 2008 (1CD)



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