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Assorted Unreleased Nuggets Fall 2004


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  • Assorted Unreleased Nuggets: Single CD, almost 80 minutes. This is the best of the rest. We taped a bunch of shows for the tour and this compilation is the cream of the crop from a few of them. Some from early in the tour, some from later. Save for the Chicago "Gleam" (which appeared towards the end of the show) all the chunks are the beginnings of the second sets. We also wanted to release some improvisations and what better opportunity than a Tuesday night in Montana to really stretch out and go for it? The Missoula segment is some of our favorite playing from the whole tour – Brian really shines and his soloing on "Sunstruck" is totally nasty. The Pacific Northwest always brought out the grunge flavor of the OM Trio and the Seattle segment showcases the band in all its flannel-wearing glory. Actually, Ilya is going absolutely crazy during the 6-jam in "Double Negative" – aggressive is an understatement. And listen to the ridiculously heavy shit Pete is laying down in "Business End," and how he comes up with that cool progression out of it – sending us on our way to one of the more interesting improvs of the tour. "Gleam," taken from our final Chicago appearance, is a fitting way to sum up this "nuggets" collection. OM Trio, always eager to go from rage-rock to piannississimo almost instantly, carefully navigates the changes of the number, walking on the eggshells before crushing them. A great collection of unreleased material to compliment any of the other full-length shows.

  • Thanks to everyone who attended these shows – you all helped us create what's on these tapes. And thanks to everyone downloading these shows who maybe wasn't there. We hope these recording somehow make you feel like you were.
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    Romeo 441


    Missoula Improv #1 293


    Sunstruck 391


    Missoula Improv #2 274


    Sunstruck 207


    Double Negative 953


    Discrepancy 275


    Seattle Improv 193


    Portland Improv #1 146


    Business End 585


    Portland Improv #2 280


    Gleam 635


    Gleam 104


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