Porter Batiste Stoltz

Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

Denver, CO

Nov 24, 2007

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• This was the first set of the evening, and features Porter Batiste Stoltz:

George Porter, Jr. - Bass/Vocals, Russell Batiste - Drums/Vocals, Brian Stoltz - Guitar/Vocals

• This is the second release (PG902) from www.PartyGras2009.com :  Where Every Tuesday Is Fat Tuesday!™

Photos by Pamela Martinez and fUNKYbret.

Notes from the archivist:  Porter Batiste Stoltz kicked things off with a bang that resounded throughout the evening on what was a cold Saturday night in Denver, CO.  It was the second night of the stand over Thanksgiving weekend and it didn't take long for PBS to settle in.  Check out Grits N Hurricanes and listen to how hard Brian Stoltz is shredding a scant 4 minutes into the show!  Comin' At Ya never disappoints with it's fiery conclusion.  Seven Desires is an old Brian Stoltz classic that is always warmly received by the mob of Denver funk hounds.  Fire Lamp has Brian on the mic again with his arrangement of the Earl King classic Big Chief, although it's been "PBS-ified" and features a vamp on the "Fire Lamp" chorus.  The centerpiece of this show is the Tippi Toes sandwich that features a one of a kind reading of another Meters standard, People Say.  Some would describe this rendition as "NARSTY" and I would absolutely agree.  You can almost feel the temperature and humidity increase as Brian de-tunes his guitar and heads south.  Ouw closes it out and Russ had everyone in the room saying "Pull it George!" and "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah....OUW!!!!!"  - fB



Setlist at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver, CO on Nov 24, 2007

Set One

Grits N Hurricanes 471


Comin' At Ya 556


Fire Lamp 363


Seven Desires 451


Check Out Your Mind 484


Tippi Toes 135


People Say 354


Tippi Toes 113


OUW 396


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