Porter Batiste Stoltz

Smith's Olde Bar

Atlanta, GA

Oct 30, 2008

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About Formats
Show Notes
• This set features Porter Batiste Stoltz:
George Porter, Jr. - Bass/Vocals, Russell Batiste - Drums/Vocals, Brian Stoltz - Guitar/Vocals
• photo by Vincent Tseng.
• Notes from the archivist:  Porter Batiste Stoltz settled into Atlanta for what would be the first of two nights.  Kicking it off with "Grits N Hurricanes," the Atlanta, GA crowd at Smith's Olde Bar seemed to know what to expect from the boys.  After standard readings of the popular "I Get High" and Brian's Stoltz's "Sugar For Me," PBS really dug in for an intense "Take A Chance" that had the band taking a lot of chances.  Check out how wild the middle section of the song is, as well as the tail.  The "PBS (Funk The Best) > Not Fade Away > Them Changes > PBS (Funk The Best)" segment included "After Midnight" (J. J. Cale) teases led by Russell and was a lot of fun.  The second set started off with a silly reading of "Doom Doom," a song from Porter Batiste Stoltz's album Expanding The Funkin' Universe that hadn't been played in several months.  You can hear the guys joking about it at the beginning if you listen carefully.  The second set included another super-segue before slowing down for the dead-serious Curtis Mayfield penned "Here But I'm Gone." Russell sent 'em skipping out of the club with the ever-popular "Hokey Pokey," and a "Cissy Strut" fake-out until "Good Old Funky Music" tore the house down. - fB
• "Not Fade Away" included a tease of "After Midnight" (J.J. Cale).
• "Shakey Ground" was played for the first time (Temptations).
• "Atlanta Skips Around" included a "Cissy Strut" (Meters) intro fake-out.



GeorgiaPeach 12/8/2008 2:50:29 PM

"Really cool artwork, luv dem peaches! Fun show, thanks for letting me enjoy it again."

FunkiestOneInTown 11/26/2008 6:55:13 AM

"Great to see Porter Batiste Stoltz (PBS) shows on here! I was hoping more PBS shows would be posted after grabbing the 4 Porter Batiste Stoltz featuring Page McConnell shows (which are insane by the way...). Kinda weird that the PBS shows and the PBS+M shows are in two different sections, but I guess that's because they are two different bands. I noticed the PBS+Kimock shows are the same way (in a separate section). Anyhow, this sounds like it would have been a really fun show to see. The guys are seemingly having a great time on stage. The medley of Meters tunes is nice, I miss the "old" fUNKY Meters when Brian was in the band, so that was a treat. Doom Doom is a funny song, glad to see if back in the rotation. Down By The River > Breathe is musically great even though Brian's voice sounds rough. Overall a great show, please keep 'em coming! Would love to hear some older shows from 2003-2005 if possible. Thanks PBS!"


Setlist at Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA on Oct 30, 2008

Set One

Grits N Hurricanes 463


I Get High 498


Sugar For Me 343


Take A Chance 628


I Believe 337


PBS (Funk The Best) 315


Not Fade Away 216


Them Changes 291


PBS (Funk The Best) 112


Down By The River 606


Breathe 278


Message From PBS 430


Set Two

Doom Doom 454


All I Do Everyday 741


Hey Pocky A-Way 274


Look-Ka Py Py 212


Funky Miracle 234


Shakey Ground 103


Funkin' 512


Here But I'm Gone 656


Fire Lamp 466



Hokey Pokey With Russ 132


Atlanta Skips Around 131


Good Ol' Funky Music 496


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