Ocean Beach, CA

Apr 18, 2008

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The band PUJA, featuring Melvin Seals (The Jerry Garcia Band), Darren Pujalet (Particle), Ben Combe (formerly of Particle, Bad Shoe) and Cristian Basso (Leo Nocentelli, Little Hercules), will be doing a 5-night Colorado run the first week of July. “We are very honored to have the talented icon, Melvin Seals and my former band mate, Ben Combe, with us on this run,” says Darren. “Colorado has a great music scene. The locals are true music fans and we are proud to play for them.” Jeff Armistead will be playing keys July 1st & 2nd; Melvin Seals will blow up the last three nights, July 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Come join PUJA in Colorado for a high-energy night of music!!!!!

A PUJA (poo-ja) is an ancient ritual practiced around the world. It is an offering commonly found in India to give thanks, and to recognize our place on this planet. The purpose of a PUJA is to keep a thread of continuity between our physical, outer world, and the subtle inner worlds that lie within us. Much like music, it is a vehicle that allows us an opportunity to give, and to receive. Music is a form of energy that lives inside and outside of us, both consciously and unconsciously. Its energy can fill us with emotion and lift us to a place where we forget about our daily worries and responsibilities. With this in mind, the band PUJA has come to life!


Setlist at Winston's, Ocean Beach, CA on Apr 18, 2008

Set One

Homeslice 804


Windjammer 692


Magic Carpet Ride 572


W 560


Scojam 801


Jam 362


Boogie On Reggae Woman 835


National Anthem 458


Feelin' Alright 754


Let The Music Take Your Mind 665


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