Roots of Creation

Roots of Creation – Live Volume 1

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About Formats
Show Notes

The sound captured on Roots of Creation's Live Vol. 1 is the result of years of absorbing diverse influences into their bedrock of "jam-meets-reggae." Featuring a spirited cover of Elvis Costello's "Watching the Detectives" along with incendiary versions of fan favorites like "Rise Up"and "Proggae," plus previously unreleased gems like the steamy album-opener "Oh Lord," there's no better representation of ROC's recently perfected, bigger, badder sound than the fast-paced experience of Live Vol. 1. From addictive reggae pop songs to consciously charged roots rhythms and berserk electronic improvisations, the grace and precision with which ROC execute their bass-heavy works is overwhelming.


Lotty 10/15/2023 3:56:41 AM

"Refreshing listen. Some tracks actually get pretty wet in the jams, give this a try if you want to check out something different than what you’ve been hearing throughout…not that a lot of that isn’t great as well, but I felt inspired to leave a few words. Saw this band at a festival (can’t remember which one), but yea, had not listened to them until seeing this pop up on Nugs! Gotta love it! TURN IT UP!! Much love - JOLLY - Always"


Oh Lord 248


Universal Soldier 243


Rise Up 156


Giraffe 502


Void 913


Woman 392


Watching the Detectives 373


Proggae 800


Peace Love & Music 421


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