Steve Kimock and Friends

Godfrey Daniels - Late

Bethlehem, PA

Dec 30, 2011

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Recorded by Ron Keyser using an AMS ST250  on stage (cardioids @ 90 degrees) between Steve and John (ch. 1 & ch. 2) as well as one B&K 4021 split between Bernie's cabinets (ch. 3 ) and one B&K4021 on Bobby's bass cabinet (ch. 4) .  >>  Sound Devices 744T.  Recorded at 24 Bit /44.1 kHz. 
  • There was NO PA being used this night.   This venue is very small and intimate and the bands amps were more than capable of providing enough sound for the entire room.  There was also no audience recording allowed due to the fact that the shows were sold out and space was limited inside the venue
  •  Mixed, tracked, converted and uploaded by Ron Keyser 1-09-12




Setlist at Godfrey Daniels - Late, Bethlehem, PA on Dec 30, 2011

Set One

Five B4 Funk 999


A New Africa 627


Rigor Mortis 717


54-46 (Was My Number) 642


Long Form Part 4 518


It's Up To You 884


Many Rivers To Cross 519


Thing One 308


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