Steve Kimock and Friends

Mighty High Mountain Fest

Tuxedo Park, NY

May 21, 2011

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Line up:  Steve Kimock, John Morgan Kimock, Andy Hess, Zigaboo Modeliste, Henry Butler
  • Recorded by Ron Keyser
  • Recording Information:  B&K4021's ORTF On Stage + FOH board feed from Brian Abramson > Sound Devices 744T Recorded at 24 Bit/48kHz.  (This recording has been converted to 16 Bit/44.1 kHz)


Setlist at Mighty High Mountain Fest, Tuxedo Park, NY on May 21, 2011

Set One

Nana's Chalk Pipe 758


Thing One 1240


You're The One 815


Mardi Gras In New Orleans 661


Big Chief 426


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