Feb 22, 2008

Stockholm Syndrome

Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

02/22/08 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO


Set One

Counter Clock World 616


  • $0.99
Oil 610


  • $0.99
Couldn't Get It Right 812


Purple Hearts 894


Bouncing Very Well 725


Spy 515


  • $0.99
Red Lightning 582


  • $0.99
Miranda 329


  • $0.99
Shining Path 797


Tarantula Hawk 914



That Which is Coming 427


  • $0.99
Empire One 370


  • $0.99
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Reviews for this item

Coconut Phil Simpsonville, SC 3/26/2008 7:19:13 AM

"What a treat, this show jams. I really enjoy the music. This band will keep on jamming for a long time I hope. Download in FLAC, you will not be sorry. Keep jamming America and live Free. Coconut Phil. 3/26/08"

UK spreadhead 3/21/2008 4:32:55 PM

"I know nothing about this band other than the fact that Mr Schools is in it. But four songs into the download, I says 'hell yes'. You know you can trust a member of Panic to be involved in something with quality music and lyrics. Side project? This is a very major project in its own right. It rocks big time and I suspect the lyrics are going to work on me even more as I get to know them better. The lyrics have already triggered a lot of stuff in my head already. Well, a visit to San Pedro is a good time to get to know new music. And if that's not clear enough, well the cover of Couldn't get it Right is worth the price of admission alone anyway. Thanks Dave, thanks Stockholm Syndrome, thanks Panic. You guys enrich my life."

joel 3/12/2008 6:57:13 PM

"You are a fool if you do not download this show. best tarantuala hawk ever!"