The Dead

Shoreline Amphitheatre

Mountain View, CA

May 10, 2009

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Show Notes

bethlittle 5/13/2009 9:52:56 PM

"This Shoreline show was amazingly sweet with high level musicality. Starting with Help,Slip,Frank brought us all right in--at the very beginning! The Sugaree was excellent with almost Cuban beats (love you Micky!). Warren rocks and my southern roots are fed by these Allman licks. My brain just expands whenever I hear the Eleven. I am OK. I am going to let this band live in the present. This show was a living treasure. Make new music boys! I will dance in the moonlight once again. THIS IS A GREAT SHOW! "

idiotclips-wtf 5/13/2009 7:21:27 PM

"the setlist for this show on paper looks really good and i wish I could have made it but mothers day kinda ruined my chance for mr to even have a chance to make it up there at all, but let me tell you after that LA forum show I was thinking about bailing on my mom cause they rocked the f-ing house from the start with some loud tight and clean GRATEFUL DEAD music, warren was on super-fire with those peeling licks n leads and melodies in your face from the first song (rare) for the whole show, but first set he did not stop the persistence. LA WAS THE SHOW...go download it and forget about this one unless you are rich. I am sure it was a good show too! but how could anyone know by those shitty clips they selected for us to sample, for that WE SHOULD BAR THEM FROM THE BUSINESS, cause they want you to download it for gimme shelter(same clip as the 1st time they played it) and unbroken chain(nothing there) IDIOTS OR ASSHOLES ONE OF THE TWO."

Mike R from AZ 5/12/2009 3:50:14 PM

"I just got back home after to great Dead shows in LA and SF. Shaoreline was amazing. But the thing that mad me most happy was that the band was exceptionaly tight and other than a brief moment at the end during St. Stephen there were no miscues! The playing was tight! My highlights were: Help>Slip>Franklins, Bird Song (17 minutes), Unbroken Chain (18 min) > The Other One (15 min) with Fire stick dancers!!! Loved it. The Sugaree was great and the eleven was nicely jammed out too. Unlike some of the other shows, I thought the music seemed to sound soooo well and flow nicely! Mike"


Setlist at Shoreline Amphitheatre , Mountain View, CA on May 10, 2009

Set One

Help On The Way 291


Slipknot! 342


Franklin's Tower 672


Good Lovin' 506


Cassidy 547


Bird Song 1139


Uncle John's Band 729


Set Two

Unbroken Chain 980


The Other One 909


Rhythm Devils 774


Space 717


Sugaree 1206


Gimme Shelter 477


Sugar Magnolia 658



Donor Rap 163


St. Stephen 954


The Eleven 629


Touch of Grey 445


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