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As you may know, Andy Farag and his brother Ryan have been producing tracks passionately for years. The Farag brother duo have officially formed Sumpump Productions, specializing in Hip Hop and R&B musical collaborations.  Sumpump is proud to announce its first release: The Dumm Lazee Lounge Presents Free Lunch Program featuring emcee Kidd-A produced by Mr. Rekken (AKA Ryan Farag).  Free Lunch Program also features Andy Farag on percussion, scratches by Sauce, and additional bass by Disgustin Justin.

Free Lunch Program is the first of many expected releases to come from the Farag duo and Sumpump Productions, so keep tuning in.  Sumpump already has a new project in the works, free downloads available, coming soon.


Chi LeBron 5/18/2010 3:22:58 PM

"I would say you can't fully judge/review the CD until you've listened to the whole thing. The samples are good for a taste, but you really need to hear the whole thing to get an idea of how good this CD really is. Some of my favorite tracks: Language Arts Music For The Listener Social Studies"

Stacey Sirota 5/14/2010 12:56:22 PM

"Sounds Good, Farag Boys!"


Intro (Featuring Pops) 97


Backpacker's Love Song 114


Gem Class 279


Cosmic Girl 330


The Break Up Song 189


Free Lunch 284


Recess 171


Language Arts 225


Music For the Listener 255


Workmen's Compensation 256


Social Studies 197


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