Widespread Panic

Paramount Theatre

Oakland, CA

Sep 27, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Jam out of Holden Oversoul into Life During Wartime with Jerry Harrison on keys and vocals and Wally Ingram on percussion
  • Reviews

    Deubs 3/11/2023 1:16:32 AM

    "The guitar playing on Diner—good lord. Jimmy had extra zip this night. Punches hit little quicker, little hard. My god he was on one this night "

    jgm11 10/1/2007 2:50:10 PM

    "Yes, one for the record books. Actually ALL three Paramount shows should go down in History as epic! I`ve seen several other bands at the Paramount, and the "muddy" sound is always a problem at that venue. The WSP sound crew did a fantastic job, because the sound quality was the best I ever heard in that venue. I was glad to see that the guys seemed to like the venue, hope this means we get MORE PANIC here in Northern California (remember when we used to get 2 sets of shows in a year? sigh) "

    E.O. Gustopher 10/1/2007 3:53:46 AM

    "An absolutely blistering, gritty, kick-ass, tight show that is for the books. I`ve seen 40+ shows over many years and I don`t think I`ve ever seen a more powerful begining to a show/run. Seriously, Going Out West, Disco, Diner, No Sugar/New Mother full-throtled the Paramount in to a beautiful throbbing art-deco ball of energy that had the balcony bouncing a good 6 inches. Nor-Cal had been waiting long to witness the chemistry that Jimmy and the band are brewing up and this was an exquisite example of the surging power these boys are rolling with these days. Full of classic Panic standards, with not a weak moment to the show. The highlights, especially the Holden>Life During Wartime w/ Jerry Harrison and Wally Ingrim, are as raging as anything you will see in live music today. Download this show if you only get one of the Oakland run, but all 3 would cerainly keep you smiling for a while. P.S. Props to the staff and crew at the Paramount - they kept the vibe very kind. "

    ching 9/30/2007 12:57:33 AM

    "Being a southeast brother I prefer not to pontificate, and or argue about inconsequential nuisances...and stuff and stuff. (I)Was not at the show...but by god it is nice to have you boys back. Can`t we all just stop over analysizing everything and just admit that the GENTLEMEN bring it everytime no matter what our fan based preferences R. It is SWEATERS AND SHOWS SEASON FOLKS..........SMILE AND BE EASY. MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT TO ALL."

    jtwestfield 9/28/2007 5:58:22 PM

    "Great show but the mix came out sort of muddy---at least in the back of the theater where we were---might`ve been better if everyone had turned down just a shade or if they`d actually blasted the roof off the place!! jimmy herring is a treasure of jam rock guitar."


    Setlist at Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA on Sep 27, 2007

    Set One

    Goin' Out West 534


    Disco 407


    Diner 984


    No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature 388


    I'm Not Alone 394


    Who Do You Belong To? 397


    Christmas Katie 561


    Little Kin 375


    Action Man 276


    Set Two

    Travelin' Light 440


    Barstools and Dreamers 741


    Machine 235


    Radio Child 439


    Casa Del Grillo 492


    Holden Oversoul 675


    Life During Wartime 678


    Drums 362


    Paramount Jam 419


    Jack 503


    Chainsaw City 724



    Ain't Life Grand 308


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