Will Butler

Friday Night

Montreal, CA

Mar 28, 2015

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

This album was recorded live at Bar le Ritz in Montreal on March 28-29, 2015 and also at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on June 4-5, 2015.

AS A WARNING: There is a fair bit of cursing on this album, both from the performers and the audience. credits released June 17, 2016

Will Butler is: Will Butler (vocals, guitar, piano) Miles Arntzen (drums, synth, backing vocals) Sara Dobbs (backing vocals, synth, piano) Julie Shore (bass synth, backing vocals, piano)

Introduction by Jo Firestone

All songs written by Will Butler except “Something’s Coming” written by Butler/Dzama/Gara/Kingsbury

Mixed by Ben Baptie at Atomic Sound in Brooklyn and by Mark Lawson at Sonovox in Montreal, assisted by Dakota Bowman

Mastered by Ryan Morey

Most songs recorded at Lincoln Hall, Chicago on June 4–5, 2015 by David Martinez and Eric Dobson

“Tell Me We’re All Right” and “Something’s Coming” recorded at Bar le Ritz, Montreal on March 28–29, 2015 by Tyler Crawford and Mark Lawson



Setlist at Friday Night, Montreal, CA on Mar 28, 2015

Set One

Encore – Tell Me We’re All Right 406


Introduction 61


You Must Be Kidding 208


Son of God 172


Sun Comes Up 313


Madonna Can't Save Me Now 270


Something's Coming 188


Anna 223


II 117


Sing to Me 207


Public Defender 160


Take My Side 286


Encore - Friday Night 458


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