Zeke Fishead Presents The Doorad Choppers

Chickie Wah-Wah

New Orleans, LA

Sep 2, 2016

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • This night at Wah-Wah's on Sept. 2 started when i saw that Reg Scanlan's time was going to be freed up, once he no longer was on the road with the Suspects ... so, i wanted to concoct a gig that I could whip together fairly quickly ...it was June and I was looking at July for the gig ... and I thought if I enlisted Camile on the project, he, Reg, & I had such a backlog of tunes from RADS days, that it would be easy to  scrabble some sets together... but July didn't work for a number of reasons, neither did August, and me, being the  sort of tinkerer I am, and with all this timeless time on my fins, I started taking Rads' tunes and twisting them this way and that way and eventually all these tunes found new homes, new settings and arrangements that refreshed them and displayed different tones, colors, and rhythms than they ever had before ....the Great Skink, the Unknowable, joined us on percussion support, to help blend it all together, and the results proved to be very satisfying, both for us musicians involved and the audible audience who showed up that magical  Friday night at Chickie Wah-Wah's ....a special thanks to Jim Morrison for capturing the night and a big  giggling Gilligan thanks to Jon "Heartless" Hart for going the distance and bringing the whole thing into living, sonic perspective ....Pete was a fountain and Al didn't Hirt ....

  • Doorad Choopers
    Ed Volker - piano, voc
    Camile Baudoin - Guitar, voc
    Reggie Scanlan - bass
    Michael Skinkus - drums, percussion

  • 2 recording sources - 
    Sound Board > Unknown Device (24/48)
    Nakamichi 100's on stage > Unknown Device (24/48)
    Hard Drive Transfer > Adobe Audition (Time align and adjust for drift between sources, mixing to 2 track) > Sound Forge (normalize, trims, fades, dither, Bit conversion) > CD wave editor (tracking) > Traders littler helper (align on sector boundaries, flac)

  • In the middle of Hold Back the Flood the bartender told the FOH that he could not hear the drink orders. So the FOH made the stage left PA speaker mono and turned down the the stage right speaker. It was left this way for the rest of the show. Adjustments were make in post to the sound level but you can still hear a difference in the mix. 

  • FOH - unknown

  • Recorded by Jim Morrison
  • Mixed, mastered, and uploaded by Jon Hart

Jon Hart 9/16/2016 7:27:33 AM

"There are a number of tags at the end of songs, as well as medley's. Here there are: Notes: 1- The Cockoo Tag 2- Tell It Like It Is Tag 3- Hard Rock Kid Tag 4- Walk On Guilded Splinters Tag 5- Medley - Danang > He Ain't Give You None > Keep On Poppin That Shine 6- Grief Snafu Tag 7- Good Things Tag 8- Pigmeat Is All I Crave Tag 9- All Meat Tag 10- Medley - My Generation > Pass Out the Hachets > Living In The USA > Heat Generation > Grow Up > Pass Out The Hachets 11- Wine Spodeeodee Tag 12- Medley - Hardcore > Hot Lube > Gummin' Your Nub 13- Medley - Whole Lotta Love > My Generation > Smokestack Lightning "


Setlist at Chickie Wah-Wah, New Orleans, LA on Sep 2, 2016

Set One

My Home Is On The Bayou 425


New Dark Ages 394


Ace In The Hole 457


Cannibal Girls 447


Danang 422


Run Red Run 413


Total Evaporation 445


Automatic 417


What Goes Around Comes Around 177


Zigzagging Through Ghostland 353


Screwloose 357


Lost Radio 404


Nail Your Heart 351


Pass Out The Hatchets 46


Set Two

Love In Vain 245


Whole Lotta Love 93


Pass Out The Hatchets 297


Let The Red Wine Flow 272


Smokin' Hole 210


Doctor Doctor 385


Doubled All Up In A Knot 236


The Twitch 233


Never Let Your Fire Go Out 275


Creeping Vine 246


Hold Back the Flood 326


Hardcore 407


Law Of The Fish 254


Can't Take It With You When You Go 210


Whole Lotta Love 172


Sunglasses On 265


I See Rosie 214


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