Top App and Subscriber Enhancements of 2022

It’s not just about delivering you the best in class concert audio and video, day in and out we’re striving to bring more value to our subscribers and enhance our product. Over the course of 2022 we made significant advancements to our app, a lot of it you’ve seen, and a lot of work goes on in the backend to enhance your streaming experience. There’s so much to celebrate from 2022’s advancements, but here’s a few that we’re really proud to share in our 2022 Year In Review recap.

P.S. Please make sure your app is updated to the latest version to take full advantage of the features and upgrades below.

Subscriber Exclusive Livestreams
Our subscribers gained a big new benefit this year with the launch of Subscriber Exclusive Livestreams! These shows are available to all paid subscribers for no additional cost, and have featured live and archival concerts from Metallica to Billy Strings, Wilco, The Revivalists, Goose, and many more. This feature has fast become a fan favorite, and we’re working hard on adding these shows to our streaming on-demand catalog. Stay tuned, there’s some big announcements in store here for 2023.

CarPlay Enhancements
We redesigned the CarPlay interface to be more intuitive, and introduced Recommendations and Continue Listening into your driving experience. We also fixed some key bugs including; resuming songs after an incoming call, fixing broken images, and implementing a more intuitive navigation to find the music you love.

Android Auto
For the first time, Android users were able to utilize Android Auto to enhance their listening experience while driving! Android Auto support unlocked a number of key features for users including an intuitive interface for playing as well as browsing the catalog directly through your car’s display. Our latest features like Recommendations and Continue Listening were also added for a seamless experience between your app and your vehicle.

Android SD Card Support
Even more great news for Android users, 2022 saw the added support of SD cards for offline downloads, allowing users to use the extra space on their SD card to download more shows. This means you are no longer limited by the on-phone storage limit and can download many more shows to listen to when you can’t (or don’t want to) stream them over data.

Recommended Shows (Personalized Recommendations)
Finding new music to listen to has never been easier! New in 2022, we’re taking cues from your favorite music and are now introducing artists to explore and shows you’ve never heard before. Check it out in the ‘For You’ section of the app, and find a new or archival concert we think you’ll love!

Continue Listening
Pick up where you left off. Now, jumping back into the show you were listening to earlier today (or last week) has never been easier. We’ve saved the show you’ve been listening to, so you can jump back in and listen to that encore.

Player UI Facelift
One of the most visible changes to in 2022 was the new design of our player screen. We did away with the circular scrub bar and instituted a more user friendly interface for controlling your audio playback.

For You Screen
We added a new tab to the mobile app in 2022 – the ‘For You’ screen. This new feature allows you to keep up-to-date with your favorite artists and their new content, making sure you never miss a show from artists you follow. Recommended Shows and the Continue Listening feature has been added here too, providing an easy place to discover new music and jump back into shows you’ve started.

One of the biggest additions to the website this year has been the Genres tab on the Browse Artists page. You can easily bounce between genres and check out our catalog’s offering, whether it’s Classic Rock, Metal, or Jamgrass, we’ve got you covered.

Recently Added
Want to know what the absolutely freshest shows on are? Now you can know. Our Recently Added landing page provides an easy to view list of the latest releases on the platform. Whether it’s a show from last night, or a recently unearthed archive from 1988, you can always listen to the latest show ASAP by checking out the Recently Added page.

Self-Service Portal
While our customer service team loves helping our subscribers, we know sometimes it’s easier to just do it yourself. That’s why we launched a totally new Self-Service Portal in 2022 for managing your subscription. Easily upgrade to HiFi, manage your payment method, or update your billing address with just a few clicks.