Weekly Live Stash Vol. CII, April 5, 2024

Every Friday at 5 pm ET, nugs.net founder Brad Serling hosts “The Weekly Live Stash” on nugs.net radio – SiriusXM channel 716. Tune in to hear his selections of the best new live music and check out this week’s playlist below featuring professionally mixed recordings from Bruce Springsteen, Dogs in a Pile, Kitchen Dwellers, and more.

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  1. Atlantic City
    Bruce Springsteen
    3/28/24 San Francisco, CA

  2. Royals
    Dogs In A Pile
    3/16/24 Burlington, VT

  3. Sit At My Table
    Kitchen Dwellers
    3/29/24 Brooklyn, NY

  4. 12 Pounds of Pain
    3/22/24 Ardmore, PA

  5. Why We Dance
    The Disco Biscuits
    3/29/24 New York, NY

  6. It’s A Bunch
    3/26/24 Leesburg, VA

  7. Big Wooly Mammoth
    Widespread Panic
    3/23/24 St. Augustine, FL

  8. Plane Crash
    3/24/24 Fort Collins, CO