Weekly Live Stash Vol. LXIV, June 9, 2023

Every Friday at 5 pm ET, nugs.net founder Brad Serling hosts “The Weekly Live Stash” on nugs.net radio, nugs.net radio – SiriusXM channel 716. Tune in to hear his selections of the best new live music, and check out this week’s playlist below featuring professionally mixed recordings from Bruce Springsteen, Dead and Company, Goose featuring Lucious, and more. Subscribers can stream this week’s tracks from the #WeeklyLiveStash, only in the mobile app.

  1. Detroit Medley
    Bruce Springsteen
    5/25/23 Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  2. They Love Each Other
    Dead and Company
    6/1/23 Raleigh, NC
  3. Slow Ready
    Goose (w/ Lucious)
    6/4/23 Lexington, KY
  4. Poor Sylvester
    Desmond Jones
    6/2/23 Syracuse, NY
  5. Dixie Chicken
    Kitchen Dwellers
    6/3/23 Livingston, MT
  6. When My Time Comes
    4/26/23 San Francisco, CA
  7. Jamflowman
    5/28/23 Lake George, NY
  8. Thunder
    Billy Strings
    6/3/23 Austin, TX