Beck, Bogert & Appice

Live 1973 & 1974

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Show Notes

Upon seeing a September 1972 rehearsal, Melody Maker’s Chris Welch wrote, “Tim and Carmine
are the mostferocious rhythm section extant, and quite frankly the combination that Jeff Beck could lead to be the first successor to Cream, both in terms of success and excitement.”
England’s other major music publication, New Musical Express, would concur upon seeing one of
the new power trio’s first shows: “BBA are an ensemble of virtually unparalleled magnificence.
The heaviest thing on six legs: Beck, Bogert & Appice.”

BBA was a short-lived super group made up of Jeff Beck (Guitar/Vocals), Tim Bogert (Bass/Vocals), and Carmen Appice (Drums/Vocals). Their brief, meteoric trajectory as a band included the 1973 release of their eponymous debut studio album, Beck, Bogert & Appice.  On May 18th and 19th 1973, they recorded a live
show at Koseinenkin Hall in Osaka, Japan, which was released as Live In Japan. The album was only
released in Japan and has not been in print widely for some time.
The rights to the Live In Japan audio reverted to the band several years ago. Jeff Beck’s team also
discovered a previously unreleased live show recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London on the 26th of January 1974. The original masters were located and cleaned up where necessary by all three band
members, with full approval by Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, who passed away in 2021 and Jeff Beck, who passed earlier this year. These two amazing live shows will now be properly released or the first time in five decades as BECK, BOGERT & APPICE Live 1973 & 1974.
Both shows include an eclectic mix of rock, blues, boogie and experimental cuts that reflect the musical prowess of the super group. “Superstition” appears in both concerts, with a heavy pocket groove,
highlighted by Beck’s solo and Talk Box contributions. “Going Down” and “Morning Dew,” featured in the Japan set, went on to become ongoing staples in Beck’s live show. The skill and musicianship of Appice
and Bogert are displayed throughout and Beck’s unmatched guitar process is in full effect. "


John 9/16/2023 5:03:37 PM

"Just sat on the front porch and listened at a good volume start to finish. They just don’t make ‘em lime this anymore. Master musicians all three. Just listen, you’ll be glad you did."


Superstition 317


Lose Myself With You 650


Jeff's Boogie 214


Going Down 212


Boogie 298


Morning Dew 853


Sweet Sweet Surrender 283


Livin' Alone 371


I'm so Proud 343


Lady 377


Black Cat Moan 554


Why Should I Care 442


Plynth / Shotgun (Medley) 357


Satisfied 294


Livin' Alone 361


Laughin' Lady 341


Lady 430


Solid Lifter 217


Jizz Whizz 507


Name The Missing Word (Prayin') 404


(Get Ready) Your Lovemaker's Coming Home 339


Superstition 340


Blues De Luxe / You Shook Me 331


(Rainbow) Boogie 625


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