Billy Joe Shaver

Live Down Under

Sydney, AUS

Feb 19, 2002

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Show Notes

Highlights from a 3-night stand on a 2002 joint headlining tour

Before Billy Joe Shaver’s death in 2020, Willie Nelson called Shaver the greatest living songwriter. That isn’t out of line, as Billy Joe is a member of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and winner of the Academy of Country Music’s Poet’s Award. Aside from his own recordings, his songs have been covered by Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Patty Loveless, and more, and even featured in Academy Award winning films like Crazy Heart.

Kinky Friedman is another singer, songwriter, novelist, and satirist. He holds the distinction of being the only artist who was recorded for Austin City Limits, but the show was never aired due to fears of the content being too controversial. He even ran for the office of Governor of Texas in 2006. His spiritual advisor for that campaign? Billy Joe Shaver. But, that wasn’t the first time they worked together.

“Ladies and gentlemen, two Texas legends, Billy Joe Shaver and Kinky Friedman!” announced Jeff “Little Jewford” Shelby before the nightly coin toss to decide who in this dynamic double-bill, quadruple heart bypass contender Billy Joe or singing crime novelist Kinky would go first. The spotlight then passed back and forth between the duo, supported in Vaudevillian fashion by guitarist Jesse Taylor, Washington Ratso and of course Little Jewford.

Depending on how you look at it or who’s talking, the Live Down Under tour probably shouldn’t have happened or it was the best thing that could’ve happened. Either way, it was a minor miracle most would say and now a thing of myth and legend.

It started when Shaver, still recovering from the loss of his mother, wife and son was lured out of mourning in 2001 by the Kinkster to do their “Two For Texas” tour that ended with Billy Joe unexpectedly suffering a heart attack at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas that August. Angioplasty was performed but Shaver, fearing the risks, was resisting medical advice to have quadruple heart by-pass surgery taking karmic instruction from Willie (Nelson) to get out and stay active. Soon commitments to bring the tour to Australia were made.

Kinky Friedman: “The doctors wanted him to have the surgery but he said no. And they didn’t want him going to Australia with Kinky. That it was the wrong thing to do. But Billy Joe was in a dark place; the recent family tragedies, the health concerns. Staying home with the curtains drawn and all its temptations seemed as risky as going. Willie and I both agreed, the best therapy he could have was to get out and have a good time.”

And it was.

Billy Joe performed every night like his life depended on it. And it did. And it pushed everyone to the same level of intensity. Featuring hits like ”Honky Tonk Heroes,” “You Asked Me To,” ”Get Your Biscuits In The Oven And Your Buns In The Bed,” “Sold American” and more, showcasing some of the best material from both writers’ storied careers, and delivered in a way that only these best friends and odd couple could. So put on Live Down Under, sit back, listen and perhaps come to appreciate these two unique artists in a way you hadn’t before. A one-of-a-kind experience.



Setlist at Live Down Under, Sydney, AUS on Feb 19, 2002

Set One

Intro / Coin Toss 104


Georgia On A Fast Train 213


Western Union Wire 168


Star In My Heart 132


Rapid City, South Dakota 137


Old Chunk Of Coal 193


Sold American 182


Ride Me Down Easy 161


Wild Man From Borneo 289


When The Fallen Angels Fly 216


Marilyn And Joe 164


You Asked Me To 166


Before All Hell Breaks Loose 180


Honky Tonk Heroes 184


Get Your Biscuits In The Oven And Your Buns In The Bed 168


Live Forever 120


You Wouldn't Know Love If You Fell In It 109


Ride 'Em Jewboy 287


Old Five And Dimers Like Me 154


Keep On The Sunnyside 292


Try And Try Again 176


Outro Thanks And Goodbye! 30


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