David Gans

Club Meg

Missoula, MT

Sep 4, 2010

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About Formats
About Formats

dpcind 10/3/2010 11:35:32 AM

"excellent well played and warm show, have listened several times and really enjoy the show immensely, Down to Eugene is one of my favorite songs as well as Pancho and Lefty. Hope to see David at Mexicali Blues on his next trip to NJ."

John 10/1/2010 12:44:56 PM

"I can't say enough about David and his music and this two disc set is a must have for his fans. It would also make a great way to introduce anyone who is so deprived as to not know about the wonderful music David creates. It definitely will make them hungry for more."

Gerry Fitzmaurice 10/1/2010 12:19:22 PM

"Although the other David Gans house and other concerts I've attended were fantastic, the Missoula house concert recording should not go unheard. David's personable commentaries on his music and witty lyrics make this show a memorable one. I particularly like Bounty From the County, co-written by David and his wife about going to the farmer's market and eating healthy. My wife's favorite is "Save Us From the Saved", which definitely could not be said better! My daughter (who knows many of the words to David's songs) loves "Down to Eugene" and "It's Gonna Get Better". Another original that makes one think is David's own "Ran Into God". He also does an excellent version of the Beatles' Norwegian Wood! All the music is refreshing, with a great hypnotic and psychedelic twist. I would highly recommend supporting such a talented musician and friend. You will no doubt agree it is worth the little he's asking for so much great music!"

Stew 9/30/2010 1:50:05 AM

"This 2-CD set is a must-have for fans of both David Gans and The Grateful Dead. The recording was made September 4th, 2010 at a house concert (the house being known as "Club Meg" to friends and family) in Missoula, Montana. There was a magic in the air that night and it's apparent on the recording. The collection of songs is a mix of David's originals, Grateful Dead tunes and a few interesting blends of both. The performance features David's tasteful and skillful use of "looping", which adds a layer of complexity to the music, thereby making it more compelling and interesting. In addition, David's wit and sense of humor come out as he gets intimate with his audiance. David Gans is a class-act and this recording is a treat to listen to - and you will, over and over again!"


Setlist at Club Meg, Missoula, MT on Sep 4, 2010

Set One

Greeting 53


Dawn's Early Light 329


For Everyman 282


Pancho and Lefty 321


Prophet and Loss 67


Save Us from the Saved 313


Lady With A Fan 362


Terrapin Station 93


Cassidy's Cat 345


I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 299


The Bounty of the County 352


That's Real Love 140


Lazy River Road 386


Its Gonna Get Better 247


Down to Eugene 287


Afterbird 371


Sultans of Swing 413


Loser 454


Who Killed Uncle John? 362


Life Is a Jam 207


Norwegian Wood 252


Ran Into God 429


Black Peter 397


Blue Roses 211


Like a Dog 263


Brokedown Palace 326


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