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You Are Here


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Show Notes

FestivaLink.net presents "You Are Here" by David Gans

David Gans: guitars, vocals

Joshua Raoul Brody: keyboards on “Shut Up and Listen”

Michael DiPirro: bass on “Shut Up and Listen”

James Foster: drums on “Shut Up and Listen”

Jacob Groopman: mandolin on “Desert of Love” and “Ran Into God” 

Jim Helman: percussion on “Blue Roses”

Mark Karan: guitar on “Therapy Blues,” “Shut Up and Listen,” and “Honeydew” 

Leif Karlstrom: fiddle on “Desert of Love” and “Ran Into God”

Peter Lavezzoli: drums on “Therapy Blues” and “Honeydew”

Lemon Juju (Cynsa Bonorris and Alyn Kelley): vocals on “Blue Roses”

Roger Sideman: bass on “Desert of Love” and “Ran into God”

Mookie Siegel: keyboards on “Therapy Blues” and “Honeydew”

Robin Sylvester: bass on “Therapy Blues” and “Honeydew”


Blue Roses 215


  • $0.99
Desert Of Love 216


  • $0.99
Plum Wine/Plum Jam 464


  • $0.99
Therapy Blues 500


  • $0.99
These Apartments 210


  • $0.99
Shut Up And Listen 214


  • $0.99
Honeydew 770


Ran Into God 380


  • $0.99

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