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Show Notes
Their musical history dates back to college days at New York University circa 1963 when the Greenwich Village folk revival was in its' heyday. They made their first recording together as members of the Even Dozen Jug Band with future luminaries Maria Muldaur, Stefan Grossman and others. The rest, of course is musical history. John Sebastian became lead singer and songwriter of one of America's most popular bands - the Lovin' Spoonful and David Grisman spearheaded an acoustic music revolution with his genre-defying "Dawg" music.

Finally, after a 40+ year hiatus, their paths crossed again at a benefit concert in Mill Valley, California. After this mutually enjoyable evening of spontaneous music, it became obvious that they would continue collaborating and the result is Satisfied - a stunning collection of acoustic duets featuring traditional folk tunes, blues, classy instrumentals and originals by these two legendary masters.

Bob 11/21/2007 2:28:41 PM

"I`m enjoying this CD. The Music is great. Even though John`s voice has falling off since his youth. It`s sure nice to hear him sing once again. The instrument solos are great and John`s harmonica playing is great as usual. "


I'm Satisfied 161


Strings Of Your Heart 201


EMD 242


Deep Purple 279


John Henry 303


Walk Right Back 287


Passing Fantasy 250


Coffee Blues 173


Dawg's Waltz 261


Lonely One In This Town 238


It's Not Time Now 200


Harmandola Blues 157


Coconut Grove 319


Jug Band Waltz 236


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