David Grisman Bluegrass Experience

The David Grisman Bluegrass Experience


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Tina Bee 8/21/2006 6:48:32 PM

"WOW! glad I saw the info on this on mandolincafe.com. I`m a computer novice (translation - old!) so I was reluctant to try and download this but with CS help I got it done!! Great music as usual!!! Are You Afraid to Die? is one of my favorite songs-glad to hear this version. I`m new to bluegrass and the Dawg was the first mandolin player I fell in love with :) I am hooked....."

Scott V. Gustin 8/14/2006 4:36:32 AM

"I have only listened to this album once, and not all the way through (wife doesn`t like bluegrass) I even made a mistake when burning it to a cd and got the order of the songs mixed around a little. It is an awesome cd. Dawg has done it again. It has the flavor of Old and In the Way, but it feels fresher. It also has an old timey feel that comes through in the superb vocals on every track. The instrumentation is very clean and well, I will be listening to this album for a very long time. I have been looking for a new bluegrass band/album and the DGBX is just the ticket. Download this album if you like bluegrass, it is not overstated, and it is everything I thought it might be coming from David Grisman in 2006. Keeping it alive, Thanks Dave!"


I'm Rollin' On 176


Baby Blue Eyes 238


Engine 143 316


The Baltimore Fire 220


Reuben's Train 214


Dream of the Miner's Child 290


Dawggy Mt. Breakdown 209


Rock Hearts 190


Say Won't You Be Mine 210


You'll Be a Lost Ball 207


Down the Road 184


Old and in the Way 230


Are You Afraid to Die? 301


There Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone 210


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