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Mondo Mando Deluxe


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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

David Grisman - Mandolin
Darol Anger - Violin, Mandolin
Mike Marshall -  Guitar, Mandola
Rob Wasserman – Bass

Additional Musicians:
Tony Rice – Guitar  Tracks 1,4 & 11
Mark O'Connor - Violin tracks 4,7 & 10
Jethro Burns – Mandolin  Track 11
Kronos Quartet Tracks 8 & 11

In 1981 David Grisman recorded the second of four studio albums for Warner Brothers Records. Mondo Mando featured the stellar playing of quintet members and alumni. Founding members Tony Rice on guitar and Darol Anger on violin and violectra, join Mike Marshall (mandolin and guitar,) Mark O'Connor on fiddle and bassist Rob Wasserman to create some true Dawg classics.

The original LP (and limited edition CD) have long been out of print and this Deluxe Edition presents all of the original master takes plus an alternate studio take of "Albuquerque Turkey" featuring Mark O'Connor fiddling seven choruses, as well as live versions of "Dawg Funk" and "Mondo Mando," with mandolin jazz master Jethro Burns and the Kronos Quartet.



Cedar Hill 229


Dawg Funk 252


Japan (Op. 23) 217


Fanny Hill 193


Anouman 305


Caliente 451


Albuquerque Turkey 178


Mondo Mando 538


Dawg Funk Live 232


Albuquerque Turkey Alt 403


Mondo Mando Live 533


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