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Show Notes
Dawgwood features the David Grisman Quintet with David on mandolin, Jim Kerwin on bass, Matt Eakle on flute, Rick Montgomery on guitar, and Joe Craven on percussion and violin. The breadth and beauty of this collection-from David's own award-winning dawg music to jazz by Django Reinhardt and Latin by Jacob do Bandolim - make it one of Grisman's most satisfying yet. Dawgwood captures the personality, talents, and charm of a band that has been captivating audiences for several years. On it you will hear some of the finest acoustic music played by some of the best acoustic musicians of our time.


Dawgwood 207


Dawgmatism 401


Jazzin' 335


Sea of Cortez 385


Steppin' with Stephane 404


Bolero de Django 361


Assanhado 379


New Dawg's Rag 545


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