Dead and Company

On The Road: Summer 2021

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Show Notes
1. Shakedown Street 8/16/21 Raleigh, NC
2. Uncle John's Band  8/20/21 New York, NY
3. Terrapin Station  8/21/21 Philadelphia, PA
4. St. Stephen 8/23/21 Bethel, NY
5. The Last Time  8/25/21 Darien Center, NY
6. Bird Song  8/27/21 Saratoga Springs, NY
7. Truckin' 9/3/21 Mansfield, NY
8. Big Railroad Blues  9/5/21 Hartford, CT
9. Feel like a Stranger 9/7/21 Cuyahoga Falls, OH
10. Don't Ease Me In  9/10/21 Clarkston, MI
11. Johnny B Goode 9/13/21 St Louis, MO
12. If I Had the World to Give 9/15/21 Noblesville, IN
13. Scarlet Begonias 9/17/21 Chicago, IL
14. One More Saturday Night 9/18/21 Chicago IL?

Michael Garcia 7/10/2022 1:45:05 PM

"Absolutely blissful!"

Said snini 6/21/2022 12:22:35 PM

"Said snini"

RandyBObandy 6/12/2022 5:23:12 AM

"During If I Had the World to Give at deer creek my girlfriend said I love this what song is It? I had no idea it was so rare I had never heard it before. It's our song now and I always sing it to her in the car. Deal from that show and space is also awesome. Mickey does this Jimmy Hendrix thing on the beam at the end it's first drums I've really liked before. "

JMAN 6/12/2022 12:43:38 AM

"Excellent song choices! I am disappointed not to see Looks Like Rain from Cincinnati. It was absolutely amazing. But hey, the whole tour was smokin hot, these jams got me smile, smile, smiling. "

Uncle Slam 6/10/2022 7:04:17 AM

"I will cherish the moment of the rainbow in Philly. In the middle of the Jack Straw you can just hear the crowd start going bananas. The band feeds off that and off they went. Can’t wait for this year"


Shakedown Street 833


Uncle Johns Band 946


Terrapin Station 1019


St. Stephen 1268


The Last Time 365


Bird Song 1190


Truckin' 828


Big Railroad Blues 242


Feel Like a Stranger 866


Don't Ease Me In 624


Johnny B. Goode 271


If I Had The World To Give 479


Scarlet Begonias 481


One More Saturday Night 346


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