Dead and Company

Nationwide Arena

Columbus, OH

Nov 25, 2017

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About Formats
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Show Notes

Dead & Company: Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, John Mayer, Bob Weir, with Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti


Gabe Booth 12/24/2021 7:56:03 PM

"First Dead "

Hunter Butler 10/18/2021 4:25:36 AM

"Hello! HOW ARE YOU! This was one to remember, fun indoor arena show with lots of spinners and dancers. Took my 9 month old baby and danced around the venue with all the twirlers. Dancing between the curtains until the security chased us away was half the fun. Eventually they gave up and we had a great view with tons of room to dance. Some of the security was rude and would close the curtains on you just for looking as you walked by. Baby boy had ear muffs, danced with a hippie mama. Just as he breastfed, oteil sang If I Had the World to Give. Lots of freaky freaky dancing at this show. This was one of those shows where you see quite a few guys in the hallway with their heads between their legs. The music was grate. Lots of first timers for me, still better versions of these songs compared to some I've heard since."

Brendog 2/26/2018 1:33:46 PM

"Unreal. I cried during Althea. Second Dead and Company show after the Gorge in Washington in 2016. what a fantastic noise these guys make. Second set flows so well, and nothing like hugging your best friends and fellow deadheads after a ripple encore"

Murph 11/28/2017 3:35:23 AM

"Smokin' Cumberland.... Had me dancing at 3 in the morning with my headset on. Than you for sharing da music. Looking forward to Dallas and Austin,,,, "


Setlist at Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH on Nov 25, 2017

Set One

Cold Rain And Snow 492


The Music Never Stopped 565


Row Jimmy 626


Me & My Uncle 270


Cumberland Blues 652


Althea 756


One More Saturday Night 340


Set Two

St. Stephen 909


He's Gone 693


China Cat Sunflower 343


If I Had The World To Give 433


I Know You Rider 745


Drums 646


Space 543


Stella Blue 643


All Along The Watchtower 455


Sugar Magnolia 687



Ripple 328


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