Fleetwood Mac

Rumours Live

Inglewood, CA

Aug 29, 1977

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Show Notes

Fleetwood Mac was at the top of its game in August 1977 when the band returned to its adopted home in Southern California to play three shows at The Forum in Los Angeles. RUMOURS had only been out a few weeks when the band left in February to tour the world, returning six months later to play three shows at The Forum for nearly 50,000 fans. 

RUMOURS LIVE captures the energy and excitement of the band’s opening night at The Forum on August 29, 1977.

The concert’s setlist draws almost exclusively from FLEETWOOD MAC and RUMOURS, the first two albums recorded by the band’s latest incarnation: Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, and Christine McVie, and the newest members, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham. The lone nod to Fleetwood Mac’s other nine studio albums is a performance of “Oh Well,” a rock-guitar masterpiece originally released in 1969 and written by the band’s founder, guitarist Peter Green. 

The concert remained unreleased for decades until 2021, when “Gold Dust Woman” and “World Turning” from the show were included as a bonus tracks on LIVE: DELUXE EDITION, Rhino’s expanded version of Fleetwood Mac’s 1980 concert album. The other 16 songs on the collection have never been released before.

Engineer Ken Caillat, who helped record RUMOURS, also recorded the concert at The Forum using the Record Plant’s mobile recording truck. He captured the band’s impassioned performance at a moment of peak RUMOURS  frenzy, including powerful versions of “Landslide,” “Never Going Back Again,” “Songbird,” and “The Chain.”


Andrew 9/9/2023 5:15:20 PM

"Wow! Not a huge Fleetwood Mac fan but enjoy their music and respect their history. Listening to an older live show of theirs is further proof that live is more interesting and better!"

GrandDude 9/9/2023 6:32:26 AM

"It’s a great show, interesting to hear the early arrangements of the Rumours material live, and very notable that Don’t Stop is missing from the setlist, they obviously didn’t realize how popular that song would become. "


Setlist at Rumours Live, Inglewood, CA on Aug 29, 1977

Set One

Say You Love Me 270


Monday Morning 208


Dreams 249


Oh Well 184


Rhiannon 487


Oh Daddy 288


Never Going Back Again 168


Landslide 258


Over My Head 208


Gold Dust Woman 440


You Make Loving Fun 294


I'm So Afraid 348


Go Your Own Way 300


World Turning 455


Blue Letter 310


The Chain 358


Second Hand News 197


Songbird 248


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